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Nectar Collectors: A Quick Guide to the new-age portable dab rigs

Over the past few years, wax concentrates have taken over the cannabis market, and how! The primary reason for the increase in demand for concentrates is the growing popularity of the dab rig. These handy pieces make smoking fun, hassle-free and straightforward. But as technology is advancing, even dab rigs have undergone modifications and improvements. Eventually, they have become more efficient and smaller – in the form of Nectar Collectors! Haven’t heard of it? This blog is for you!

An Introduction to the Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector is a portable dab tool that helps the smoker collect the wax and convert it to smoke. Consider a percolating dab straw that has a burning hot tip to turn wax into instant vapor – it is just that! It also provides water filtration like an oil rig but is much easier to carry around in comparison. Similarly, it uses heat just like the dab rig. But the primary difference between them is that the nectar collector enables you to dab the perfect amount, unlike the dab rig, where you can only dab as much as you can pick up on a dabber.

Anatomy of the Nectar Collector

A nectar collector comprises three main parts – the quartz or titanium tip that melts the concentrate, the diffused down stem, which can be filled up with water, and the neck or mouthpiece. These parts are generally detachable and provide for easy cleaning. Many people are confused about whether titanium or a quartz tip works better. Quartz tips heat up quickly but can break if they are overheated. In contrast, the titanium tips don’t heat as quickly, but they can retain the heat longer. No matter what material is used, it is crucial to season the nail by heating it to eliminate any manufacturing oils used on it.

Using the Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are famous, but many people still don’t know how to use them. Although they are easy to use, they might require patience during the preparation stage. If your customers enquire about the process of using the nectar collector, you can explain it to them in the following steps.

• Step 1

Place the wax concentrate on a flat, solid surface. Ensure that the surface is heat-resistant. (Preferably glass)

• Step 2

Heat the nectar collector’s tip with a torch for about 15 seconds. Ensure that the tip of the flame is half an inch away from the tip of the nectar collector. If the tip becomes glowing red within 15 seconds, it is best to cool it down before using it. Otherwise, it can break.

• Step 3

After the redness of the tip subsides, touch the nectar collector’s tip to the solid surface where you placed the concentrate. Start slowly by dabbing it in a small area. The longer you hold the tip to the concentrate, the more smoke it will produce.

• Step 4
The smoke will slowly move from the tip to the water, getting percolated and filtered. After this process, it travels to the mouthpiece from where you can slowly inhale the vapor and enjoy the hit.

Cleaning the Nectar Collector

After enjoying your smoke session, allow the nectar collector to cool down. Once it has cooled down, remove its tip and the mouthpiece. Soak it in isopropyl alcohol with some salt, just like you clean a pipe. After it has been soaked long enough, soak it in hot water to eliminate any sticky residue that might be left behind. Dry it well with a cloth, and your nectar collector is ready to use again.

Quick tips for hitting it right using a nectar collector

Let us look at some workarounds or tips that can make the process simpler.

• Fit it right
Since the nectar collector has detachable parts, the user should fit them tightly together so that they don’t fall apart in the middle of dabbing.

• Use H2O
Using the nectar collector with water in the chamber provides an enhanced smoking experience as it then acts like a bubbler.

• Heat like a pro
As mentioned above, it is best to heat the tip from a distance to avoid turning it to glowing red. If it turns red hot, allow it to cool down for 20 seconds before dabbing. While heating the tip, it is best to keep swaying the torch in a slow swinging motion to avoid heating just one point. This will also spread the heat evenly over the tip.

• Control how you roll

It entirely depends on the user how much wax they want to vaporize in one go. They can control the smoke they get by removing the tip from the surface or holding it longer.

Pros and Cons of Nectar Collectors

Like every other piece of smoking equipment and accessory, the nectar collector has its pros and cons too. Let us have a look at both!

1. A brand-new design
The nectar collector is undoubtedly one of the newest ways to heat concentrate. It is different from the usual stuff like a wax vape pen or a dab rig. Nectar collectors are so handy and uniquely designed that they are sure to catch people’s attention.

2. Travel-Friendly
Glass water pipes and bubblers cannot accompany smokers wherever they go. Even if it is just a few kilometers down the road, carrying these vast items is always a risk, lest they shatter. A nectar collector is so handy and small that it can travel everywhere with the user.

3. Zero Wastage

Smokers are always concerned about not wasting their precious concentrate. With a nectar collector, the smoker can merely pull the tip away when it cools down and let the concentrate be, without wasting any of it.

4. Safe and Efficient Dabbing

The best part about using a nectar collector is that the smoker just needs to heat a specific portion to heat the concentrate instead of heating the whole nail on the water pipe. This gives the nectar collector several brownie points.

1. Has a Long Shape

Because a nectar collector is a small device with all the features in one, it can be a bit bulky. Some people also don’t like its long shape, as it might pop out of their pockets. However, the nectar collector is available in mini versions too.

2. No Temperature Control

One major limitation of nectar collectors is that, unlike some vaporizers where the user can choose the accurate temperature, the temperature can only be guessed here. The user can’t quickly tell when the tip is red hot or cooled down, and evaluation can be perfected only with experience. Now that you know everything possible about nectar collectors, you can stock them up in your smoke shop for your customers who love to enjoy their concentrate on the go! And with the variety and prices that MJ Wholesale offers, you will want to buy a truckload of them all at once!

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