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Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Head Rush


MJ Wholesale has a vast collection of the most popular beer bongs from the best brands at the lowest wholesale prices. With the Head Rush beer bongs available in almost ten different variations, your customers will be spoilt for choice. Whatever their party is for, we have just the right beer bongs to liven their party up.  

You can stock different kinds of bongs to cater to all types of customers. It would be great to have a stock of the Flamingo Bird Bong (available in several colors) or the Hydra Bong that holds up to nine beers at one time for your party-wild customers.  Bongs from the double header series is best for sharing between two people. The ultimate series and chrome series have bongs with different colors or text like the ‘chug-o-meter,’ ‘drink up bitches’, checkered design, among many others. The Xtreme 6 ft series beer bong is a favorite with party lovers.

The bongs from the Head Rush 4-way series are perfect for a drinking session of 4 people as it has four different lines and valves for the same. The Head Rush Bongzilla Beer Bong has six different tubes and is available in glow in the dark and American flag theme.  You might also find the Head Rush mini beer bong and the 18ft balcony bong to be in great demand. 

If you are looking for something multipurpose for your shop, then Kong Can cooler and beer bong is a two-in-one device that your customers might find very useful. 

If your customers aren’t fond of bongs, they can make any wine or beer bottle a water pipe by simply fixing the Sloppy Hippo Wine/ Beer Bottle Adaptor on it. With the silicone adaptor, your customers will also get a 14 mm glass bowl, rubber extender tube, and pipes to 

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