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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Joint Tubes & Pre Roll Blunt Tubes


We carry an expansive selection of Joint Tubes & Pre Roll Blunt Tubes related tube supplies. Our Joint Tubes & Pre Roll Blunt Tubes maintain product integrity from your processing operation to the end consumer.  Do you have a special, high-end product you want to show off? Consider using our glass blunt tubes for exceptional presentation. MJ Wholesale offers a healthy selection of sizes, colors, materials, and designs for storing and displaying your products. 

Joint tubes are best for packaging pre-rolls and joints. They are also known as blunt tubes, cone tubes, or doob tubes. We have a variety of Joint Tubes & Pre Roll Blunt Tubes as a part of our 98 special (98mm) joint tubes collection. 

The 98 mm tubes that we have are Child Resistant (CR). Designed to maintain the integrity of your product, These tubes look appealing and are available in golden, black, white, and clear. Besides the 98 mm joint tubes, MJ Wholesale has a vast collection of tubes of other sizes such as 78 mm, 94 mm, 116 mm

All tubes in our collection feature a unique screw-top design. This makes the product easy to access while keeping it fresh and potent. You can add extra protection to these tubes by shrink-wrapping them. Usea heat gun or a joint tube shrink wrap.

Joint, Cone, Doob, & Blunt Tubes

78mm | 94mm | 98mm (98 Special) | 116mm

Dram Pop Tops

13 Dram | 19 Dram | 30 Dram | 60 Dram | Tamper-Evident