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$200 Order Minimum

Hemper Jack The Ripper Glass Bubbler - (1 Count)



SKU: WP1019
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Hand Glass, Rigs, & Bubblers

Description :

Spark up a spooky session any time of the year with the Jack-the-Ripper bong from HEMPER! The compact and functional pumpkin styled bong features showerhead perc, orange and green borosilicate glass, and a splash-proof neck and mouthpiece.
This 14mm female glass jack-o-lantern bong stands 7” tall and features a fixed 90º joint with an oil catcher, orange pumpkin glass, base-mounted showerhead perc, and bent green stem mouthpiece. A matching bowl is included.


• 7" Inches Tall
• Green + Orange Borosilicate Glass
• Showerhead Perc 


• Jack-the-Ripper
• 14mm Flower Bow