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Water Bubblers, water pipe, bong, water bong


Regardless if you call it a Water Bubbler, water pipe, bong, or water bong, MJWholesale has got you covered. We offer a wide variety of water pipes to help your dispensary or headshop keep up with demand. We’ve got both glass, and silicone water pipes available in bulk and at affordable wholesale prices. Keep your customers satisfied by stocking our reliable and affordable water pipes, and pique their interests with our collection of fun novelty water pipes.

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Bubblers are cool smoking devices that offer an elevated and healthier smoking experience. How? Read this post to find out! 

A bubbler is more than a hand pipe, as it offers smoother and cooler hits - on the go! This post will cover everything you need to know about bubblers. Here is an overview of all the topics we will be discussing. 

  • What is a bubbler?
  • The types of bubblers
  • How does a bubbler work?
  • How to use a bubbler?
  • How to clean a bubbler?
  • Differences between a bubbler and a bong.
  • Why should you stock up on bubblers for your shop?
  • Where can you buy bubblers at wholesale prices?
  • Bubblers – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about bubblers

As you must have noticed, we will discuss everything there is about bubblers. But of course, if you're a store owner looking for a quick buy, feel free to visit our vast collection of smoking equipment and accessories – available in bulk quantities at wholesale rates! 

And for those looking for more information on bubblers, let us proceed! 

What is a bubbler?
Bubblers are glass water pipes composed of a bowl, stem, water chamber, neck, carb, and mouthpiece. Lets us look at the function of each of these parts of the bubbler. 


  • The glass bowl
    The bowl is used to hold the weed.
  • Water Chamber
    It is a round-shaped space used to hold the water in the bubbler.  
  • Downstem
    This part of the bubbler connects the bowl to the water chamber.
  • Mouthpiece
    This is the part of the bubbler from where the smoker can inhale the smoke. 
  • Neck 
    The neck of the bubbler connects the bowl to the mouthpiece. The length of the neck might vary depending on the type of bubbler. 
  • Carb (Carburator)
    It is a tiny hole etched on the side of the bowl. It is used to control the airflow during smoking. 

Bubblers are so distinct and popular because they feature a percolation system that can be used to filter and cool smoke, creating smooth hits for the smoker. 

Bubblers cool the smoke before the smoker inhales it, leading to a healthier smoking experience. To think of it, bubblers are similar to hand pipes, the only difference being that they have a percolator. Most bubblers feature carbs to help the smokers control the airflow to the bowl.

Types of Bubblers
When it comes to the material they are made from, two types of bubblers are extremely popular:
        1. Glass Bubblers
        Glass bubblers are definitely the most popular choice among smokers. They are aesthetic, intricate, and available in a number of designs.           The glass used is durable, and cleaning glass bubblers is simple. Glass bubblers provide the smoothest and cleanest hits. 
        2. Silicone Bubblers
        Silicone bubblers are perfect for travelers as they are more rigid compared to glass bubblers. They are made of flexible, shock-resistant               and durable material. 

When it comes to the design, there are even more types of bubblers available in the market. Let us look at some popular types.

1.Hammer Bubbler

Hammer bubblers resemble small hammers and have a long handle. 

2.Mini Bubbler
Mini bubblers are smaller than the average bubblers and can often fit even in the pockets.  

3.Sidecar Bubbler
The sidecar bubblers resemble the mini version of straight tube bongs. They are upright and have a neck attached parallelly, like a sidecar. 

4.Multi Knocker Bubbler
These bubblers are unique as they feature a handy grip and ergonomic shape for better usability, handling, and maintenance. 

5.Single Chamber Bubblers
They have a single bulb that contains the bowl, downstem, and water chamber. They have a simple construction and are available at affordable rates. 

6.Angled Neck Bubbler
These bubblers have a prominent and sharp upward angled neck setting them apart from the others. 

How does a bubbler work?

Often considered a smaller version of a bong but handier and more portable, bubblers are a hit with smokers. Bubblers usually feature a mouthpiece, bowl, water chamber, and carb. The bowl on a bubbler usually has a short stem that holds a small amount of water. 

As one pack and lights up the dry herb in the bowl, the smoke from the bowl gushes through the stem, percolates, and cools in that water before reaching the smoker's mouth via the mouthpiece. The smoke is cooled and filtered in a bubbler, making the hit smooth and cool compared to dry pipes. Thus, making it calming for your senses and your lungs. 

How to use a bubbler?

First, you must ensure that you have all the required items handy before smoking through a bubbler. Here are a few things you will need to smoke using a bubbler

Here are the five simple steps that can help you use a bubbler, even if you're a beginner.
Step 1: Clean the Bubbler
It is always recommended to wash your smoking device before you start a session. Dry it well to get rid of dust or grit that must have stayed back due to prior usage. 

Step 2: Fill the water chamber
It is now time to fill up the water chamber with water. Use only cold water for more relaxed and smoother hits. Fill it up to the level of half the length of the downstem. 

Step 3: Grind the Weed
You must either be ready with ground-up weed or grind your weed before proceeding. Ensure you use a high-quality cannabis grinder for this purpose. We recommend using medium to fine grind for smoking sessions with bongs and bubblers. Empty the grinder on the rolling tray into a pile.  

Step 4: Pack the Bowl
The next step is to load the weed into the bowl, but be careful as some chunks might fall into the water chamber. A pipe screen will prevent weed pieces from falling into the chamber water. Scoop the weed in the bowl and start packing it lightly at first and tighter towards the top to achieve a nice ember without any airflow obstruction. Gently pat the top of the bowl to even the weed out. 

Step 5: Light up the bowl 
The final step is here. Pick the bubbler and cover the carb with your thumb or finger before lighting it up. Light the bowl with the hemp wick or lighter. As the bowl is lit, draw some smoke into the chamber before inhaling through the mouthpiece. Take your finger or thumb off the carb to take the hit and inhale the smoke. You can keep inhaling till the bubbler is cleared of all smoke. Covering and uncovering the carb at intervals will help create a nice ember as you draw the smoke. 

How to clean a bubbler?

Keeping your bubbler clean will extend its life and provide an elevated smoking experience. 
Here are six steps to clean your bubbler effectively.
Step 1: Make a cleaning solution with a third of water, a third of salt, and a third of isopropyl alcohol. You can also buy a readymade one. 
Step 2: Empty the bubbler by removing any noticeable chunks.
Step 3: Pour the cleaning solution into a broad container and submerge the bubbler in it. 
Step 4: Close the lid of the container and shake it gently so that the cleaning solution reaches all parts of the bubbler.
Step 5:  After the above step, remove the bubbler from the container and use a cotton swab to remove any leftover dirt. Dump out any dirty cleaning solution if required. 
Step 6: Repeat the above steps till all the dirt is eliminated. After thoroughly cleaning it, rinse the bubbler with water and dry it well with a towel. 
What are the differences between a bubbler and a bong?
Bongs and bubblers are often confused with each other. In fact, even the terms bongs and bubblers are often used interchangeably. However, it is important to note that bongs and bubblers are only similar but not the same. 
Bongs are available in a number of sizes and consist of multiple glass pieces. Bubblers are generally smaller than bongs and are made with a single piece of glass. Bubblers are smoking devices that function like a hybrid between glass pipes and bongs. 
Should I stock Bubblers in my head shop?
Yes. Absolutely! Your inventory will be missing something if you leave out bubblers. Bubblers offer flexibility to smokers and elevate their smoking experience. They are often considered an essential asset in any smoker's collection. Whether you're looking to target novices or veteran smokers, bubblers feature in every smoker's must-have list. 
Not only do they come in a variety of designs, colors, and constructions, they are easy to manage, use and carry. Stocking up on good-quality bubblers will expand your shop's offerings and attract new customers. If your customers are unaware of bubblers and their benefits, you can list them and help them make better choices. This way – not only do you gain sales but also the trust and loyalty of your customers. 
Here are a few reasons why your customers will love using bubblers. 
Ease of Usage