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Humidity Packs For Cannabis Storage

Cannabis storage can be a tricky subject to approach for the average stoner. The basics aren't often taught at a dispensary and this can lead to a trial and error period for any new cannabis consumer. Of the basics, humidity is one of, if not the most important factor to the long term well being of stored cannabis. Maintaining proper humidity is a difficult, but that's why humidity packs are a great solution. They have many benefits, but only if used correctly. The use also varies on what kind of container you are storing the cannabis in. 

Cannabis storage has four important components. These are temperature, humidity, light exposure, and air exposure. Cannabis should be stored at a temperature between 77F-86F (25C-30C). The product should not be exposed to as little sunlight as possible, as ultraviolet light causes THC potency to decay. There should be little to no air exchange with the product once it is stored. Air exchange can affect the humidity levels, which need to stay between 59% to 63% for long term storage. If any of these factors are ignored, it can lead to the cannabis degrading quickly or molding. 

While temperature and light exposure are two easily controlled variables of the storage equation, humidity and air exposure are not. Almost all packaging has some level of air exchange that is unavoidable. Over long periods of time the cannabis will slowly let any remaining moisture out into the package until the air and cannabis have an equal moisture level. This means the humidity levels can and will change, sometimes drastically, from the time the cannabis was stored. That's why humidity packs are critical to long term storage success.

Humidity packs are products that are designed to maintain a specific humidity range in a specific sized package. These packs have been used for food, clothing, and many other products to keep them stable during shipping and storage. The cannabis industry has been quick to find brands that have made products specific for herbal uses. The ability to maintain large amounts of product in a stable form is critical for producers looking to maintain inventory. The cost effectiveness of these solutions even benefit consumers looking to store products for long periods of time. 

To correctly use a humidity pack, it is important to understand it's proper use. You must only use a humidity pack with dried cannabis product. A humidity pack cannot be used as a method of drying and will cause molding if the product is not thoroughly dried. Amount of free space is also a critical factor, as there must be room for air in the package. Mylar is a tricky storage medium to use humidity packs with. Non-gusseted packaging when filled can prevent enough air flow in large packages to keep the humidity stable. The end result is the desired humidity level in the section of the bag with the humidity pack and an area with undesirable humidity levels on the other side. It is important to also know the strength of a humidity pack to make sure you are using the correct pack for the package you are using. Large gusseted mylar packaging, plastic totes, and large glass jars make for excellent storage containers to use with humidity packs. 

Humidity packs are a great way to increase the longevity of stored cannabis. Humidity is a crucial factor in how long cannabis can be stored. Humidity packs are used by dispensaries, processing facilities, and production facilities to maintain correct moisture levels. Though the trick being to know how to properly utilize the humidity packs for maximum effectiveness. When used properly, humidity packs can be used with almost any package, including mylar. That's why we stock a great selection of humidity packs for all your long term storage needs.
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