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A Quick Guide to Dab Rigs: Function, Types, and Advantages

As the use of cannabis becomes more popular, so does the need for specialized equipment to smoke it. Explicitly speaking, concentrates have gained immense popularity and have given way to a range of new smoking equipment accessories. The dab rig is one such wonderful smoking accessory: a water pipe designed for smoking wax and oil concentrates.

What are Dab Rigs?

A dab rig is a piece of smoking equipment that vaporizes wax and oil concentrate. However, even bongs can be modified to accommodate the dry herb and wax concentrate. Then why dab rigs, you wonder? Because dab rigs are not the same. Dab rigs are often designed with functional and technical features that aid in cooling the vapor before it reaches the user.

Using a Dab Rig

Dab rigs are glass pipes that resemble bongs but tend to be smaller. Their heating and manufacturing process differs from that of a traditional bong. The "nail" is the central part of a dab rig used to smoke marijuana. It sits on top of a glass joint and must be in good condition for the user to smoke marijuana without any problems. The procedure begins with heating the nail with a hand-torch. Eventually, the nail reaches a very high temperature. When the proper temperature is reached, the product is "dabbed" onto the heated nail, generating a flash that transforms it into vapor and then inhaled.

Different Dab Tools

Here is a list of the essential tools for dabbing.

  • Dabber: A dabber is a metal or ceramic tool used to apply the concentrate to a hot surface. Dabbers are available in various shapes and sizes, but most are around six inches long.
  • Nail: A nail is a heated surface on which the dabber will apply the concentrate. The nails are made of different materials, such as ceramic, glass, and quartz.
  • E-nail: An electronic nail is a heating element that uses electricity to heat the dabbing surface rather than a torch.
  • Dome: The dome is placed over the nail once heated, and then the dabber is applied. This traps the vapor inside and allows you to inhale it.
  • Banger: The banger is a type of glass nail. It is similar to a dome because it has a top and bottom piece. However, the difference is that there will not be any dome covering it when dabbing.
  • Carb cap: A carb cap covers the nail when it is not in use. This helps keep the heat inside and makes it easier to vaporize your concentrates.

Dab Rigs – Glass, Ceramic, and Quartz

Just like with the nails, there are different materials that dab rigs can be made out of. The most common materials used to make dab rigs are glass, ceramic, and quartz.

  • Glass: Glass is a popular material for dab rigs because it is durable, classy, and easy to clean. It also tends to be affordable. However, it can break if dropped or mishandled.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is a popular choice for dab rigs because it can withstand high heat and is durable. Ceramic rigs won't break the same way glass does, but they tend to crack if dropped, making them unusable. Furthermore, ceramic rigs need to be heated gradually rather than with a quick burst of heat.
  • Quartz: Quartz is becoming increasingly popular for dab rigs because it heats up quickly and stays hot for an extended period. However, quartz does not withstand high temperatures as well as ceramic does, so extra care needs to be taken when heating and cooling the nail.

Benefits of Using Dab Rigs

Your customers will love dab rigs because they are a great way to consume concentrates and offer many benefits. Let's have a look.

They provide an efficient way of consuming concentrates, which means less product is needed for the same effect smoking flower would require. This makes it more cost-effective because one doesn't have to use as much wax or oil each time they dab.
Dab rigs are undoubtedly a healthier way to consume concentrates. When you smoke flower, you expose yourself to the carcinogens found in the plant. However, you only inhale the vaporized concentrate and not any harmful chemicals when you dab.
Compared to using it in its natural form, using a dab rig provides a cleaner experience. Although buildup will develop inside a dab rig as one uses it, this is the only type of mess they must anticipate. The dab rig has eliminated the challenge of dealing with ground-up herbs, cleaning your bong from the residue, and removing ash after. Smoking has never been easier!
Smoother Hits
Dab rigs minimize the harshness that users encounter when smoking cannabis. On the other hand, heated herbs might frequently produce harsh smoke that aggravates throat irritation when one gets closer to the heat source, as one would when smoking a blunt or joint. Dab rigs have cooling and filtration systems that keep the heat at bay. Users can smoke without having to worry about this problem. Concentrates can be potent, but the heat won't bother them.
More Flavorful
It is easier to taste the dabs because there is water in the dab rig. Every hit will be cleansed and pure as long as the water is kept clean. Also, if the temperature is maintained correctly, the flavor will be unadulterated.

As you know by now, dab rigs are a great way to consume concentrates. They offer many benefits for smoking concentrates efficiently. A dab rig is a way to provide your customers with a wholesome way to enjoy their concentrates. So if you haven't stocked up on dab rigs yet, you can do so now with us! MJ Wholesale provides the best quality, lowest cost smoking equipment to dispensary owners and smoke shop owners. So, why wait and get late when you can shop, stock, and scale within no time!
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