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Mobile Wallet solution offered by Perk Panther

Loyalty Program That brings Customers Back!
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Unleash the full potential of digital marketing, with
our loyalty program Mobile Wallet solution offered by Perk Panther

Send specials, offers, deals or updates

Communicate without any restrictions. Never see your messages blocked or your number baned. Mobilewallet push notifications in Google Wallet and Apple Wallet apper as a pop-up message on the device’s lock screen.

Smoke Shop - Dispensary - Head Shop? No Problem!!

Setup predefined offers and messages that delivery to consumers based on their location around a business, Includes geolocation features can trigger messages when the phone’s GPS detects that the customers is in a specific location.

Choice Galore:

  • Stamps,
  • Points Card
  • Rewards Card
  • Membership Card
  • Coupons
  • Cash Back
  • Discount Cards

Mobile Wallet - Unlimited - Push Notifications