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$200 Order Minimum

Clothing, Hoodies, Socks, Wallets, Lifestyle Accessories


MJ Wholesale is not only the best place for smoking accessories and cannabis packaging but much more! Don’t believe it? We have a collection of stuff that resonates with the smokers’ community. Something as small as a cannabis-themed mask can add swag to anyone’s personality, and the MJ Wholesale clothing collection can help you do the same while attracting new customers. That too, at wholesale prices!

The THC Tan t-shirt is uber cool and will catch the eye of your visitors. The Dank Weed Royal t-shirt is sure to have a fan base of its own. Just Doobie It, I’m Smokin’ It, THC Puff Puff Pass, and Stoner Herb Fresh are some others from our collection of t-shirts that are savvy and super-cool.