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4oz Glass Jar Screw Top - Clear Jar with Black Lid (90 Count)

SKU: GJ-112
Original price $80.00
Current price $65.00
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Glass Jars

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90 Count
Price: $65


Storage containers come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it's good to have a variety of those shapes and sizes in stock. As the cannabis industry continues to grow in popularity, more consumers are switching to easy glass jars to keep their product safe, potent, and sealed away.

The glass vial screw-top container we offer here is 4oz, with a diameter of 2.125", a height of 2.875", and a combined height of the jar and the lid is 2.94".

Having a 90-count or 120-count ready for your consumers to utilize is always a smart business move. Whether you're a smoke shop, dispensary, or other relevant business, having glass vial screw tops both for your customers and to keep your product sealed yourself is a must.

Glass jars are ideal containers for cannabis and other herb lovers alike. They seal in not just the odor, but all the precious cannabis compounds contained within the plant. 

With stereotypical plastic baggies, they're more porous and cause your flower or other product to degrade much faster. Likewise, glass jars allow for the ultimate in moisture and air control, for an airtight fit that you don't have to worry will mildew or dry out.

Try out glass jars for your store today to see what you've been missing out on. Not only are they ideal storage containers, but they're perfectly convenient for storing product that looks appealing to the customer.

Don't forget, you can always shrink wrap your glass jars, too! Shrink Wrap Your 2oz or 4oz Glass Jars with Shrink Wrap and a Heat Gun!


  • Glass Vial Screw Top
  • 4oz Container
  • Black
  • 90 Count 
  • Diameter = 2.125 in.
  • Height of jar = 2.875 in.
  • Height of jar + lid = 2.94 in.
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    4oz Glass Jar Screw Top - Clear Jar with Black Lid (90 Count or 120 Count)

    Andrew Zamorano

    4oz Glass Jar Screw Top - Clear Jar with Black Lid (90 Count or 120 Count)

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