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All Things Packaging for Your Dispensary, Processing or Grow Needs! 

Philips Pop Top Vials

Philips Pop Top Vials are the highest quality in Child-resistant pop-top packaging containers. PHILIPS ® is the original child-resistant pop-top vial and is certified to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protocol and standards, fulfilling the requirements of the Poison Prevention Act. Philips Pop Tops are proudly made in America! Which Dram Size Do I need? 

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
6 Dram | Philips 13 Dram | Philips 19 Dram | Philips 30 Dram | Philips 60 Dram | 90 Dram | Tamper-Evident | Joint Tubes

J Tubes & Blunt Tubes

We have an expansive selection of joint and blunt related tube supplies. Our tubes are perfect for maintaining product integrity from your processing operation to the end consumer.  Do you have a special, high-end product you want to show off? Consider using our glass blunt tubes for exceptional presentation. Through our directory of Doob tubes, Joint tubes, or Blunt Tubes, you’ll find a healthy selection of sizes, colors, materials, and designs for storing and displaying your products. 

Joint, Cone, & Blunt Tubes
1 1/4 (84mm) | 98 Special (98mm) | King Size Tubes | 94mm | 95mm | 98mm | 102mm | 109mm | 116mm | 120mm | Conical Tubes 

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
6 Dram | Philips 13 Dram | Philips 19 Dram | Philips 30 Dram | Philips 60 Dram | 90 Dram | Tamper-Evident | Joint Tubes

Mylar & Child Resistant Bags

High-quality Mylar, pre-roll, and more bags for all of your packaging needs. Keep your product fresh while maintaining great visibility. We offer a variety of sizes and colors to suit your bagging needs. Many of our Mylar bag products are child resistant to ensure proper safety. Some states require products be secured in child resistant packaging, so check your state’s laws to make sure you’re meeting requirements. Our blog post on Mylar bag sizes helps direct people toward the size that’s right for them. Scan our product images or jump right to your selection in the content’s menu below.

Flower Jars (Glass or Plastic)

First impressions are everything for a product. Make sure your products are displayed in the best way possible with our high-quality selection of glass or plastic jars. We have multiple screw top lid options that are childproof to ensure proper safety. Brands such as Smokus Focus provide businesses the opportunity to showcase their product in a distinct way through unique jar design. Our products allow for great visibility while being sturdy to the touch. Whether for display or sale, our jars provide the best representation of your product. 

Concentrate Containers (Acrylic, Glass, and Silicone)

Our high quality line of concentrate containers speak for themselves. The transparent and compact design makes our concentrate containers perfect for maximizing retail spacing. Screw on lids reduce air exchange, keeping your product fresh and stable for as long as possible.  Classic options such as our Qube Square Premium Glass Jars will help elevate your business through maintaining the integrity of your product. Additional accessories such as our Shatter Coin Envelopes are a great compliment to glass concentrate containers. 

From acrylic, glass, or silicone, we have the container you're looking for in all the standard sizes:

Concentrate Containers Acrylic | Glass | Silicone | Qube JarsDab Tools
Available in: 5 mL, 6 mL, 7 mL15 mL 

Canna Processing

 Processing & Handling one-stop-shop supplies. We know that owning a business is very time-consuming. That is why we provide everything from rubbing alcohol, gloves, tongs, tools, trimmers, gravy boats, canning funnels, trays and more. You will save time and money. You can thank us later! 
We offer several different solutions for protecting your products. You can choose from Vaultz, Skunk, and Guardian brands. There are many different kinds ranging from large to small. Additionally, we supply both combination and key locks. Whatever product you decide to purchase, you can be confident that your content will be secure. 


Get into the future of processing with Futurola products. Futurola is the number one cone filling system on the market. We stock the full line of Futurola products. The Futurola Shredders & Cone Fillers are #1 sellers in their respective categories. The Futurola Shredder is made of food-grade stainless steel. Their patent technology makes the perfect shred material for cones! Special volume prices are available when purchasing 3 or more units. Get ahead of the game with the advanced technology that Futurola offers.

Processing & Handling Supplies | Futurola Equipment | Dab Tools | Glass Jars | Large Flower Storage Bags Humidity Packs | Handling Supplies

Dispensary Supply

Running a dispensary can be a major headache. That's why here at MJ Wholesale, we have all the products and accessories you need to elevate your business. From dab tools, state compliant pharmacy bags, to dispensary office supplies, we have everything you’ll need, from flower processing to sale. We're proud to bring you the best selection for the best price. Our wholesale dispensary supply prices make buying in bulk an efficient option. In the link menu below, you’ll find all of our major dispensary supply categories broken down. Our wide selection of supplies makes meeting the needs of your business an easy task.  

Processing and Handling Supplies | Drams | Joint Tubes | Mylar Bags | Batteries | Pharmacy Bags | State Compliant Labels

Pharmacy Bags | Lighters & Torches | Pipes & Rigs | Dispensary Office SuppliesCurrency Counters | State Labels | Rolling Trays | Scales | Dab Tools | Papers, Wraps & Cones | Air Fresheners | Grinders | Cases, Bags, and Boxes | Humidity Packs | Parchment, PTFE & FEP | Batteries & Atomizers



MJ Wholesale doesn’t overlook the importance of growers in today’s cannabis economy. Our online inventory features useful tools and products that help growers yield the best possible outcome. Using hydroponic methods to grow cannabis is becoming increasingly popular. Growers have experienced success in producing cannabis via hydroponic methods since marijuana can grow in various conditions. Hydroponic grow methods utilize nutrient water mixtures and inert growing medium substances to secure the plant’s roots.

The main reason that growers have been turning toward hydroponic growing methods is their ability to accelerate plant growth and yield higher product levels. It makes sense that growers are more frequently turning toward hydroponic growing strategies as there are disadvantages associated with traditional soil growth. The disadvantages of soil growth for plants include potential pest problems and the need to monitor the soil’s pH levels consistently. Whether you’re new to hydroponics or an expert in the process, MJ Wholesale’s hydroponic inventory has the tools to lead you toward success.

Hydroponics | Post Harvest Equipment


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MJ Wholesale is a Discount Dispensary Supply, Processor, Grower, and Head Shop wholesale supplier. Offering wholesale prices on Mylar Bags, Pop Top Vials, Drams, Cones, Rolling papers, Glass Jars, Concentrate Containers, Blunt Joint Tubes, & Processing Supplies. The largest variety in stock! We are the #1 dispensary supply wholesaler.

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