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$200 Order Minimum

Perfect Pack 180 - Tube Filling Machine

SKU: PerfectPack-180
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Processing and Handling Supplies

  • PERFECT FOR: Packing Cig tubes or Artisan tubes
  • MACHINE TYPE: Filling Machine
  • OUTPUT: 180 tubes per hour
  • BUNDLES: Bundle with cig tubes to save money!
  • REDUCE YOUR COSTS: Increase cig pre-roll output, while reducing labor costs


Cig tube filling machines for cannabis and hemp all have the same issues - they were either designed for tobacco cigs or they were designed to fill cones. Cig tube filling machines designed to pack tobacco cigs work by compressing the tobacco and then shoving into the empty cig tube. The tobacco remains compacted and then expands perfectly into the cig tube, however cannabis is nothing like tobacco and when you compress cannabis, it sticks together, so these tube filling machines designed to pack tobacco do not work. If you have ever tried to pack your cig using a knockbox, you will notice the cig tube shape causes a poor pack compared to the cone shape, which funnels cannabis down to the bottom as it fills.

The Perfect Pack 180 is the only cig tube filling machine that was designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Instead of compression, the Perfect Pack 180 uses a screw method to perfectly pack the cannabis all the way to the filter end - best of all, you can customize the compression of cannabis or hemp throughout the cig tube!

The main benefit of using the Perfect Pack 180 is that it was specifically designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Compared to other cig fillers and injector machines, you will notice right away how this machine operates differently and how that allows for a perfect, even pack all the way down to the end of the cannabis or hemp cig. The Perfect Pack 180 will work on both cig tubes and our special Artisan tubes, which were specifically made for premium flower.