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Labelmate Label Counters

MJ Wholesale carries a vast collection of handy labeling equipment from Labelmate USA. We have a wide selection of label counters for different types of labels - transparent, opaque, and both. Each counter has a different maximum roll diameter it can work on.

Reel-to-reel counters provide an easy solution for counting rolls of labels and offer variable speed control. You can divide larger rolls into smaller ones with a preset count or stop feature. The manual mode enables complete operator control. Both motors of the counters can be set to rotate in opposite directions, which enables maximum tension control. The core holders can be changed or mixed and matched as per requirement.

Labelmate large form reel-to-reel counters in our collection are available in different variations – to handle 16 inch max roll diameter and max width of 6 inches, 13 inch max roll diameter and max width of 6 inches, 12.5 inch max roll diameter and max width of 6 inches.


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