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5 mL Concentrate Container

This is our selection of 5 mL concentrate container solutions. All of these products can hold approximately 5 mL of concentrate product. If you do not find a solution here, please try one of our other size options. Learn more about the Premium Qube Concentrate Jar

MJ Wholesale features a range of 5 ml concentrate containers made of acrylic, glass, and silicone materials. The Qube 5ml containers are famous for their high quality, food-grade, clear, and premium-looking glass bodies. They are available in black or white lids and opaque white or opaque black bodies with white or black insides, giving you a lot of permutations and combinations to choose from. The screw-top cap of these containers is child-resistant and gives it a premium look.

MJ Wholesale also offers 5ml acrylic containers with yellow, green, or orange silicone inserts, giving them a colorful and vibrant look. The 5 ml concentrate containers keep your product potent and fresh for a long time. They are odor-resistant and compact, giving them a discreet appearance. Perfect for storing up to 1 gram of your concentrate product. These containers are apt for branding and customization purposes too.



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