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Qube Concentrate Jar

The beautiful Qube Square or TriQube Concentrate Jars are designed with premium quality glass. Why square? Why Triangle? The Qube square jar lets you add a label to any of the 6 sides! Some brands prefer to label it on the top of the square lid, while some have labels on the sides. The bottom of the square glass jar provides a great spot to have text for the end-users. All of our Qube concentrate jars are child-safe & include a CR lid! We offer the Qube in either a 5mL or 9mL concentrate container. Qube is also available in a variety of colors. Learn more about the Premium Qube Concentrate Jar

 Qube 5mL
Qube 9 mL
Opaque Black
Clear with White Lid
Opaque White
Opaque White
Clear with Black Lid
Opaque Black
Clear with White Lid
TriQube Jars
TriQube Jars


One of the most convenient and attractive ways to store concentrates is in Qube concentrate jars. In addition to being lightweight, durable, and taking up less space, they also look great. They're easy to move around with and are handy. They're the perfect concentrate container providing an airtight seal and the elegance of premium glass in one. 

If you're interested in knowing more about these beauties, you have come to the right place. The following is a rundown of everything we will discuss in this post.

  • What are Qube Concentrate Jars?
  • The types of Qube Concentrate Jars
  • How do Qube Concentrate Jars work?
  • How to use Qube Concentrate Jars?
  • How to clean Qube Concentrate Jars?
  • Why should you stock up on Qube Concentrate Jars for your shop?
  • Where can you buy Qube Concentrate Jars at wholesale prices?
  • Qube Concentrate Jars– The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Qube Concentrate Jars

What are Qube Concentrate Jars?
Qube Concentrate Jars are handy, portable, and convenient jars designed especially for storing cannabis concentrates. They are made of durable, premium-quality glass and come in various colors. Their transparent glass's unique structure and shape distinguish them from the competition. The peculiarity of the Qube square jars is that you can add a label to any of the six sides it has – whether it is on top of the square lid or the side. Even the bottom of the Qube jar is a perfect spot to write text for the end-users. 

Qube Containers stand out because of their modern and sleek square design. Their simple look offers users something new and different in the world of concentrate containers.


Types of Qube Concentrate Jars

When it comes to size, two variations of Qube Concentrate Jars are available: the 5 mL and 9 mL volumes. 

  • Qube 5mL: Though it is the smallest of the Qube concentrate containers, you can comfortably fit up to 1g of the product inside.
  • Qube 9mL: The 9mL square concentrate jar, made of premium glass, comes with a child-resistant square cap. It's perfect for storing concentrates, waxes, or oils.

There are many other Qube Concentrate Jars available. Let us look at some popular types.

  • Opaque Black: These jars are completely black – the body and the lid, making them discreet and classy. 
  • Opaque White: These jars are entirely white – the body and the lid, making them discreet and classy. 
  • Clear with Black Lid: For people who love to show off their product, go for these containers. They have a transparent body and a black colored lid.
  • Clear with White Lid:  These containers are perfect for people who love to display the contents of their containers. They have a transparent body and a white colored lid. 
  • TriQube Jars: These containers are triangular and are perfect for those who want something different. They are available in opaque and clear varieties and 5ml and 9 ml sizes. 
  • Circular Jars: These jars are circular and are completely child safe. They're available in 5 ml, 7ml, and 9 ml – opaque and clear varieties.


How do Qube Concentrate Jars work?

The Qube Concentrate Jars have an intelligent design and work by holding cannabis concentrates securely. The jars are available in various sizes to choose the perfect one for your needs. The unique designs add an eye-catching touch to your dispensary's display capabilities and help you level up your storage and display game. Plus, the airtight lid helps keep your concentrates fresh and potent.

The best thing about Qube concentrate jars is that they are high in demand because people who love concentrates know quality jars when they spot one. 

One of the most important aspects of State laws is ensuring child safety. Qube Concentrate containers are child-resistant and encourage responsible storage for sellers and buyers alike. Also, the six labelable sides of the Qube square jars make it easy for you to stay compliant by using appropriate labels in the right places. 

How to use Qube Concentrate Jars?
You've just got your hands on some of the best cannabis concentrates, but if you don't know what to do with them, read ahead. 

Qube Concentrate Jars are the perfect way to store your concentrates. Follow these steps to use Qube Concentrate Jars for packaging concentrates.

Step 1: Choose a suitable-sized jar for your needs.
Step 2: Fill the jar with the desired amount of concentrate.
Step 3: Screw the lid on tightly to ensure an airtight seal.
Step 4: Label the jar with all the necessary information, such as the strain name and dosage. 
Step 5: Ensure that the product is stored in a cool, dry place until it is ready to use.


How to clean Qube Concentrate Jars?

Before cleaning your Qube Concentrate Jars, make sure to remove all of the concentrates from the container. Here's how to get every last drop out of your dabs so you don't waste any product.
1.Freeze it: 
Put your Qube Concentrate Jars in the freezer for about an hour. This will cause the concentrate to contract and make it easier to remove.
2.Scrape it: 
Use a dab tool, butter knife, or other sharp objects to lightly scrape the concentrate out of the jar.
3.Use rolling paper: 
If you're having trouble removing the concentrate with a dab tool, you can try using rolling paper. Put the Qube Concentrate Jars on a flat surface and insert the rolling paper under the lip of the jar. Applying light heat to the concentrate will enable it to stick to the paper so you can easily remove it.
Once you have removed all the concentrate from the jar, you can proceed with cleaning it. Here are a few ways to clean your Qube Concentrate Jars.
1.Use isopropyl alcohol:
Isopropyl alcohol is one of the best ways to clean your Qube Concentrate Jars. Fill the jar with isopropyl alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a cotton swab or soft material to wipe away any residue.

2.Use soap and water:
You can also clean your Qube Concentrate Jars using soap and water if you don't have isopropyl alcohol. Fill the jar with warm water after adding a few drops of dish soap. Before using a cotton swab or other soft material to clean off any residual residue, let the solution sit for a few minutes.

Once you have cleaned the jar, rinse it with water. This will remove any residue and leave your Qube Concentrate Jars sparkling clean.


Why should I stock up on Qube Concentrate Jars for my head shop?
Qube concentrate jars are an excellent way to expand your business. In addition to their unique shapes, colors, and transparencies, their jars are simple to handle, operate, and transport. 

Stocking up on Qube concentrate jars will broaden the scope of your shop and attract new consumers. If your clients aren't aware of Qube concentrate jars or their benefits, you can inform and assist them in making better decisions. This way - not only do you increase revenue but also gain customers' confidence and loyalty.

To show your customers that you are keeping up with the latest trends, link your brand with Qube Concentrate Containers. Here are some benefits your clients will enjoy when they use Qube Concentrate Jars.

1.Qube containers are shatter resistant
Glass cannabis containers are prone to breakage if they are lightweight and aren't durable enough. 

However, the Qube Concentrate Containers are made of shatter-resistant glass and are durable. Informing your clients about Qube's shatter-resistant capabilities can help them feel more secure about their purchases while traveling and storage. With its shatter-resistance and contemporary appearance, the Qube Concentrate Container combines two top-notch advantages that every consumer seeks. 

2.Qube containers offer child resistance. 
The Qube Concentrate Jars are equipped with a unique, child-resistant lid that makes it difficult for children to access the contents of the jar. At the same time, they are senior-friendly and convenient for adults to open and use.  

3.Qube containers are Tamper-Evident:
Cannabis packaging must also be tamper-evident to comply with state laws. This means the package must be designed to determine if the contents have been tampered with instantly.


The Qube Concentrate Jars come equipped with a tamper-evident lid that makes it easy to see if the jar has been opened. The lid is equipped with a tear-off seal that is visible when the jar is opened. This feature helps ensure that the contents of the jar are safe to consume and have not been tampered with.

4.Qube Concentrate Jars are available in varying capacities
The Qube Concentrate Jars come in various sizes and shapes, making them perfect for storing any amount of concentrate. You can also use different shapes or colors to store different types of concentrates. The jars range in size from small to large and can hold a good amount of concentrate. 

5.Qube Concentrate Jars are perfect for branding purposes
Promoting your business with other concentrate containers is hard because they have smaller lids. However, with Qube, you are not limited to placing labels on just the top of Qube Square Concentrate Jars--stickers can go on any six sides of the product. If you want to elevate your brand, use Qube Concentrate Jars.

No matter whether you are looking to enhance your product line or want to offer your customers the best possible experience, Qube Concentrate jars are the perfect solution. With their eye-catching designs, high-quality construction, and tamper-evident lid, Qube Concentrate Jars offer everything you need for a competitive edge.


Where can you buy Qube Concentrate Jars at wholesale prices?
MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a range of Qube Concentrate Jars. They are the market-leading concentrate containers, perfect for any smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary. With Qube Concentrate Jars, you don't need to worry about maintaining your product's freshness, potency, or compliance. 

We offer only the highest quality jars at the most competitive wholesale prices. At MJ Wholesale, we understand that individual states have specific laws surrounding cannabis packaging. We offer products that help dispensaries achieve compliance without sacrificing style. Our top priority at MJ Wholesale is always ensuring our customers are satisfied. Our priority is to support your needs and ensure you have the best possible experience throughout your journey with us. 

Qube Concentrate Jars– The Final Verdict

The Qube Concentrate Jars have swept the market as the latest and most favorite among all cannabis concentrate jars. Besides their top-notch quality, their stylishly attractive and durable design sets them apart. 

Qube's square concentrate containers are a premium choice for dispensaries, smoke shops, and head shops. Qube jars enhance your dispensary's display capabilities with different sizes and distinctive designs. Qube Square Concentrate Jars are available in 5mL and 9 mL volumes in different transparencies.

The Qube child-resistant and tamper-evident concentrate containers are ideal if you're searching for something high on function, unique-looking, and stylish enough to make a statement. The Qube range of products is worth considering if you're shopping for a new type of concentrate packaging! And the best place to buy them at wholesale rates and in bulk quantities is MJ Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions about Qube Concentrate Jars
1. Do Qube Concentrate Jars come in different colors?
Qube Concentrate Jars come in black and white colors. They are available in opaque and clear styles with black or white lids.

2.What sizes do Qube Square Concentrate Jars come in?
The Qube Square Concentrate Jars come in two sizes: small (5 mL) and medium (9 mL)


3. Is the tamper-evident seal visible when the jar is opened?
Yes, the tamper-evident seal is visible when the jar is opened.


4. Do Qube Concentrate Jars have a child-resistant lid?
Yes, the Qube Concentrate Jars come with a child-resistant lid that requires two actions to open.


5. What is so unique about Qube Square Concentrate Jars?
Qube Square Concentrate Jars offer space on the six sides of the container for stickers and labels, unlike other comparable containers. This allows you to display your brand with pride and apply state-compliant labels, giving you a professional edge over competitors.



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