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✅ 20% Off Already Discounted Clearance Items ✅ Promo Code: CLEARANCE While Supplies Last





Clipper Lighters


Clipper has been a well-known brand in the lighter game for a long while. First made in 1972, production at a worldwide level is sitting pretty at 450 million units a year.

It's the second-largest lighter manufacturer in the world, but a true favorite in many a stoner's hearts. Clipper lighters are the ones you want in your smoke shop, dispensary, or other business.

When turned horizontal or upside down, a Clipper lighter will release additional Butane, giving you more control of how much is released. This has the added bonus of making it easier to light bowls, pipes, and bongs.

Clipper lighters are refillable and reflintable, making them a go-to option for many consumers.

Long-Lasting Life with Plenty of Lights 

On average, each lighter should have 3,000 lights. With such a long-lasting life, some people remark how they're at least more environmentally smart than their competitors. 

Flint System Doubles as a Rolling Tool 

This is where smokers especially love Clipper. The flint system that you use to flick the lighter and produce a flame can be removed from the lighter and used as a packing tool for cigarettes or joints. It works as a "tamper" or a poker to make it easier to roll. 

Perfect Shape for a Stoner's Needs 

Even for bowl smokers, the lighter's shape allows you to pack down a bowl easily. Incredibly versatile, the flint system Clipper has implemented is impressive engineering your customers love to see. 

Light Without Getting Burned 

Finally, Clipper excels where not many other lighters can. In addition to being the perfect shape for packing down a bowl, the lighter's shape is also ideal for preventing a user from burning themselves. Make sure you make the smart investment today so you can offer these to your customers!