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Clipper Lighters

Long-Lasting Life with Plenty of Lights 

On average, each lighter should have 3,000 lights. With such a long-lasting life, some people remark how they're at least more environmentally smart than their competitors. 

Flint System Doubles as a Rolling Tool 

This is where smokers especially love Clipper. The flint system that you use to flick the lighter and produce a flame can be removed from the lighter and used as a packing tool for cigarettes or joints. It works as a "tamper" or a poker to make it easier to roll. 

Perfect Shape for a Stoner's Needs 

Even for bowl smokers, the lighter's shape allows you to pack down a bowl easily. Incredibly versatile, the flint system Clipper has implemented is impressive engineering your customers love to see. 

Light Without Getting Burned 

Finally, Clipper excels where not many other lighters can. In addition to being the perfect shape for packing down a bowl, the lighter's shape is also ideal for preventing a user from burning themselves. Make sure you make the smart investment today so you can offer these to your customers!

The Clipper lighter is much more than just another regular lighter; it's a one-of-a-kind, ecologically beneficial, and multi-use gadget. Enric Sardà created the Clipper line of refillable butane lighters. Most of these lighters are made in Barcelona, while others are produced in Chennai and Shanghai. Clipper has a variety of lighters, as well as gas refills and other attachments. 

Before buying a stock for your smoke shop or dispensary, what else should you know about Clipper lighters? All your Clipper lighter questions will be answered in this guide. Here's a rundown of everything we'll be covering in this post.

  • What is a Clipper lighter?
  • The types of Clipper lighters 
  • How does a Clipper lighter work?
  • How to use a Clipper lighter?
  • How to clean a Clipper lighter?
  • Differences between a Fake and Real Clipper lighter
  • Why should you stock up on Clipper lighters in your shop?
  • Where can you buy Clipper lighters at wholesale rates?
  • Clipper lighters – The final verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Clipper lighters

We'll dive into the details of Clipper lighters now, but if you're a retail shop owner searching for a fast buy, feel free to visit our vast collection of smoking gadgets and accessories - available at wholesale rates!

What is a Clipper lighter?

Clipper lighters are cylindrical devices with nylon or metal body. For many years, these lighters have served a significant population of smokers and have been reliable in all conditions. It takes considerable effort to damage one of these lighters: they are as durable as they get. Furthermore, smokers can refill the butane gas in their Clipper lighter and replace the flint, allowing them to keep their favorite one burning indefinitely.

The Clipper lighter, which first debuted in 1971, has been a part of pop culture ever since. The logo for The Streets, a famous British musical group, is a variation of the Clipper refillable lighter. Following their debut album, they've used the logo on all of their subsequent albums and sell personalized Clipper lighters as merchandise. Damien Hirst utilized representations of the Clipper in addition to Silk Cut in his art collection.

What Types of Clipper Lighters are Available?

As we mentioned, the Clipper brand has a wide variety of options for everyone. Clipper offers a range of pocket, metal, and utility lighters. Clipper Lighters' most popular offering of pocket lighters is available in the below-mentioned types:

  • Classic Large

Refillable, handy, portable, and large– the classic large is the preferred choice of many smokers. 

  • Classic Medium

A bit smaller than the large version, this lighter is refillable and handy. 

  • Classic Pocket

The most standard clipper lighter is refillable and high on utility. 

  • Micro

It can serve as a pocket lighter and has a refillable gas and flint.

  • Electronic Jet Flame

This lighter has an electronic flame that is adjustable and wind-resistant. It is gas refillable.

How does a Clipper lighter work?

It is pretty simple to use clipper lighters. The only thing one must know is how to refill it. Let us get into the details of how one can refill the lighter. 


Steps to Refill a Clipper Lighter

Clipper lighters are refillable, which means your customers can use them repeatedly. 

An easy guide to refilling Clipper lighters is provided below:

Step 1: Remove the Flint Wheel

To raise the flint wheel, use your thumb. This will allow you to take off the wheel by releasing the spring.

Step 2: Remove the Fuel Tank

Once the flint wheel is removed, you can unscrew the fuel tank from the lighter. 

Step 3: Fill the Fuel Tank with Butane

Fill the butane tank until it's full. This procedure may be made easier with the use of a small funnel.

Step 4: Replace the Fuel Tank and Flint Wheel

Screw the fuel tank back into place and replace the flint wheel. Make sure all of the parts are secure before using the lighter. If you experience gas leakage while refilling, you are not holding the lighter, and the refill can be completely straight. It could also be because your refill can's stem is not the correct size for the lighter.

That's all there is to it! Refilling a Clipper lighter is quick and easy; anyone can do it in just a few minutes.

Steps to Replace the Clipper lighter's flint

Clipper lighters have a replaceable flint system, which allows smokers to use them for a long time. 

A step-by-step guide for replacing the flint in a Clipper lighter is given below:

Step 1: Remove the Flint Wheel

To lift the flint wheel, use your thumb. The spring will be freed, and the wheel can be removed.

Step 2: Remove the Old Flint

Once the flint wheel is removed, you can pull out the old flint and discard it.

Step 3: Insert the New Flint

Insert the new flint into the hole where the old flint was. Make sure it is snug and in place.

Step 4: Replace the Flint Wheel

Replace the flint wheel and screw it back into place. Make sure the wheel is tight, so it doesn't come loose.

Replacing the flint in a Clipper lighter is quick and easy. With a new flint, the lighter will be as good as the new. 


How to use a Clipper lighter?

Now that you know everything about Clipper lighters, it's time to learn how to use them. 

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to roll a joint with a Clipper lighter:

Step One: Gather Your Materials

To roll a joint, you will need the following materials:

Rolling paper

- Marijuana

- A Clipper lighter

A grinder 

Step Two: Grind the Marijuana

Use a grinder or your hands to grind the marijuana into small pieces. They should be small enough to fit well into the cigarette paper.

Step Three: Place the Marijuana in the Rolling Paper

Once the marijuana is ground, place it in the center of the cigarette paper. Don't overfill the joint, as this will make it difficult to roll and smoke.

Step Four: Roll the Joint

Roll the joint using your fingers until it is tight and compact. Once the joint is rolled, use the Clipper lighter to seal the edge of the paper.

Step Five: Light the Joint

Use the Clipper lighter to light the joint. Take small puffs at first to get it started. Once the joint is lit, you can take bigger puffs and enjoy!

As you can see, rolling a joint and lighting it with a Clipper lighter is straightforward. With some practice, your customers can roll their joints in no time

How To Clean a Clipper Lighter?

Whether your customers them for your cigars, cigarettes, rolling papers, or pipes, Clipper lighters are a handy tool to have on hand. But like any other lighter type, they can get dirty over time. Here's how to clean your clipper lighters, so they work like new.

Step One: Dismantle the lighter

The first step is to take the Clipper apart. This will allow you to get to all corners and crevices where dirt and debris may collect over time.

Step Two: Clean it up

Next, clean the flint wheel and other metal pieces with a soft brush or cotton swab. 

Step Three: Reassemble it

Once you've removed all the built-up grime, reassemble the lighter and fill it with fresh butane. Finally, test the lighter to ensure it's working correctly before you put it back into use. You can keep your clipper lighters in a good working order with a few easy procedures.

Fake vs. Real Clipper Lighters

When shopping for lighters, you may see some lighters that look remarkably like well-known brands such as Clipper. These lighters may even have the same branding and colors, but they are not real. So, how can you tell the difference between a fake Clipper lighter and the real thing? 

Don't worry. We have got you covered. Here are some things to look out for. 

  • Packaging

One way to tell if a Clipper lighter is fake is by looking at the packaging. A real Clipper lighter will come in a cardboard box that is brightly colored and clearly states that it is a Clipper product. The packaging of a fake Clipper lighter may be of lower quality and may not mention that it is a Clipper product.

  • The Lighter itself

Another way to tell if a Clipper lighter is fake is by looking at the lighter itself. A genuine Clipper lighter will have a smooth, seamless design with no sharp edges. The branding will be clear and raised, not printed on. The bottom of the lighter will have a metal plate with the Clipper logo and the words "Made in Spain." A fake Clipper lighter may have a cheaper-looking design, sharp edges, and poor-quality printing.

  • The Flame

A genuine Clipper lighter will have a strong, consistent flame that is easy to light. A fake Clipper lighter may have a weak or flickering flame that is difficult to light.

Tips to distinguish between fake and real Clipper lighters. 

  • Look for spelling mistakes on the packaging or product of fake lighters.
  • The clip of fake lighters might be made from a cheaper metal, such as zinc alloy, and not stainless steel
  • The etching and branding might be incorrect or incomplete in fake ones. 
  • Check the weight of the lighter – a real clipper will be much heavier than a fake one. 
  • Flip the lighter and check the bottom – there should be a small hole for adjusting the flame, and the base should be flat.
  • Inspect the fuel tank – it should be made from clear glass, not plastic
  • Check that the wick is made from cotton, not paper or other materials
  • Make sure the parts fit together snugly, and there are no gaps or sharp edges
  • Inspect the flint wheel – it should be made from steel, not aluminum
  • Finally, try lighting the lighter – a real clipper will have a strong flame that is easy to adjust. 

Should I stock clipper lighters in my head shop?

If you run a head shop, stocking clipper lighters is a no-brainer. Clipper lighters are one of the most popular brands, famous for their affordability, quality, and durability. They are refillable, have a replaceable flint system, and have a wide selection of colors and designs. 

They are sturdier than other lighters on the market, which is especially valuable for people looking for a durable product. Plus, the constant flame and ability to use the Clipper when wet makes it the perfect lighter for any situation. Head shops that stock Clipper lighters will be sure to please their customers.

Here are a few reasons why your clients will admire Clipper lighters.

  • Branded: There are not many lighters in the market that can be called true "brands." Clipper is one of those few companies that has turned its product into a household name. 
  • Refillable: Clipper lighters are refillable, which means your clients will be able to use them repeatedly, unlike disposable lighters, which must be thrown away after they are empty.
  • Replaceable flint: The Clipper lighter also has a replaceable flint system. This means the lighter will last much longer than other lighters on the market.
  • Constant flame: The Clipper lighter has a constant flame, which means it will stay lit as long as the button is pressed.
  • Colorful designs: Clipper lighters come in a wide variety of colors and designs, which means there is a style for everyone.

When your clients see that you are stocking Clipper lighters, they will know that you are serious about offering high-quality products. This will instill confidence in your business and encourage them to shop with you again in the future.

Where can I buy Clipper lighters at wholesale rates?

At MJ Wholesale, we have a wide selection of Clipper lighters for all sizes and kinds of smoke shops, head shops, and dispensaries. Clipper lighters are known for their high quality and durability, and we offer them at the most affordable wholesale prices. Whether you're looking for a standard Clipper lighter or a special edition design, we have what you're looking for. 

Clipper lighters – The final verdict

Clipper lighters have long been a popular choice for smokers, thanks to their ease of use and dependability. Stocking them up at your store is sure to bring in many customers, and when you buy them from MJ Wholesale, you are offering a top-quality product at the lowest prices to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Clipper lighters use butane?

Clipper lighters do use butane fuel. Butane is a hydrocarbon gas used in various products, from lighters to portable stoves. 

  1. What is the best way to store Clipper lighters?

Clipper lighters should be stored in a cool, dry place. Butane is a flammable gas, so it is essential to keep lighters safely. 

  1. How often should I refill my Clipper lighter?

Clipper lighters can be refilled as needed. When the fuel level gets low, unscrew the cap and refill the lighter with butane. 

  1. Why do stoners prefer Clipper lighters?

Stoners like Clipper lighters for smoking marijuana since the flint system also serves as a tamper or poker, commonly used while packing blunts and joints.

  1. Is it possible to put out a Clipper lighter's flame?

It is possible to put out the flame on a Clipper lighter. To do this, release the button that controls the flow of butane. The flame will go out immediately.


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