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Marijuana Packaging Shop by Use

Marijuana Packaging Shop by Use

Consumption of meds can be in multiple forms. Each form requires a different tool, jar, package, or even safety regulation. 

Shop Marijuana Packaging based on use! THC or CBD products come in a variety of forms. Browse the different types of packaging to educate yourself on the unique ways that you can store medication. From Flower Packaging for smoke, to Concentrate Packaging for wax. There are many options to choose from when it comes to storing products safely and correctly.

Concentrate Packaging

Sticky dab requires very specific types of packaging. Storing wax inside of glass jars is a popular option. Typically silicone dab containers have less wax lost than the glass options. Dab can be extremely sticky and that is why the natural non stick characteristic of silicone is really appealing. Our Concentrate Containers, Dab Tools and Silicone Ashtrays are just a few of the must have Concentrate Containers for your wax THC needs!


Flower Packaging

Flower is considered to be the most popular way to consume marijuana. We offer a variety of flower appropriate wholesale packaging options which will fit your exact situation. High quality packaging options are a must when dealing with very fragile Flower. To protect the flower and ensure the best possible freshness, specific options are available. Explore our glass jars and smell proof bags. 


Pre-Roll Packaging

We have an extensive collection of everything pre-roll! Pre-Roll Joint or Blunt tubes, to the Futurola machinery used to make pre-rolls. We stock commercial grade grinders and tubes for pre-roll cones.


Child Resistant Packaging

Marijuana packaging laws vary from state to state, with 1 consistent law. Safety! Our Child Safe Marijuana Packaging is not only CR, but its ATSM certified! Rest assured we stock quality products with safety first!


Exit Packaging

Enjoy this innovation of child resistant packaging that continues to meet strict state compliance guidelines across the board while looking sleek. Not only are  exit bags child resistant, they are also made from light resistant, airtight mylar. Ideal for the storage and transportation of cannabis products. Set your dispensary apart from the rest with this stylish and sophisticated answer to state compliant dispensary packaging.


Edible Packaging

Edible Packaging is designed for long term food storage. Mylar bags are perfect for packaging edibles, flower, food, and anything else you want to keep safe, out of direct light and fresh!

Mylar bags are made of metalized plastic that provides an opacity to help prevent edibles from spoiling. If edibles are not properly stored, they can smell and lose taste when exposed to light and moisture.

Mylar bags are light and flexible. However, they are extremely strong! Mylar edible containers provide isolating barriers that will protect your edibles from oxygen, moisture and light penetration. As the traditional food industry demonstrated, Mylar bags are the best edible packaging for long term use or to extend shelf life.


Display Glass or Plastic Jars

Display Jars are used for displaying flower in a retail space, retail marijuana flower sales or even long term storage of the flower.
Depending on your brand & the amount of style or simplicity you need in your marijuana display jars, we have it all! 


Maintaining Moisture

Maintaining proper humidity is the absolute most important factor in storing marijuana. Each batch of flower requires you to control the individual bag or jars humidity levels when storing your cannabis.


Weight & Calibration

Aside from the proper way to store your product with a bag, jar or pop-top, Boveda humidity packs for maintining moisture, you also need to know how much your product weighs. Not only do you need the weight, but you need to calibrate your scales from time to time too. 



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