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Hemper Brand Marijuana Products and Accessories


MJ Wholesale proudly presents the latest and greatest smoking tools from Hemper for all you smoke shop owners. Hemper's diverse range of smoking equipment and accessories is sure to leave your customers coming back for more. 

From a Money Rolling Tray, Jack the Ripper Glass Bubbler, Aluminium 4-part Grinder, Ghost Glass Bubbler, Snail Glass Bubbler, Glass Silicone Dab Mat, to the Odor Eliminator Spray, Hemper has something for every customer of yours. 

The cute Hemper Ducky Bong will make your customers' smoking sesh a lot of fun. It comes with a showerhead percolator for more bubbles and smoother smoke. Plus, it's made out of durable glass that will last for years. Don't forget to check out the Sea Turtle Bong! This bubbling little buddy features a functioning sea turtle perc, a globe-style chamber, and is available in various colors. With its rounded shape and straight neck mouthpiece, each pull gets a hearty wash in the water without splashing back in the mouth.