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Flags & Pictures

Make your smoke shop or dispensary attractive and trendy by customizing the shop décor. Your customers will then visit you not just for their purchase but also to feel a distinct community vibe. And with MJ Wholesale’s vast range of flags, picture frames, and blankets, you can transform the entire look of your shop.

To decorate a considerable space, you can choose the 3 ft x 5 ft flags. They possess two holes for easy hanging. You get about 25 vibrant designs to choose from. If you like blacklights, you can choose from the Blacklights flag of Monalisa, Rastafari, Mushroom, Mystical Wizard, or Aliens by Dean Russo. Einstein Tongue Out flag, Middle Finger Flag, Keep Calm and Smoke Flag, Weed City Limits Flag are some other exciting designs that will amp up the décor of your space. Leaf, Peace Leaf, Daily Leaf, Splif a Day are some of the most exotic leaf designs you can choose from.

To decorate a smaller space, you can choose a 3D, black-colored wooden frame approximately 15x19 inches. Each frame available on MJ Wholesale comes with a picture that is trendy and unique. You have various options such as Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Scarface, Beer bottles, Jack and Leaf, Game Over, Harley Davidson, and many others. 

If you wish to give your customers an option of themed gift items, you can stock up on the Leaf & Mushroom Field Plush Throw Blanket, available on MJ Wholesale. Not only does it make for a great gift, but it can also be used as wall decoration too. Soft, cozy, and large (50x60 inches), it is sure to catch the eyes of your customers, whether you are displaying it or selling it.

MJ Wholesale is the top wholesale supplier with the best smoking devices, smoking accessories, marijuana packaging supplies, cannabis harvesting supplies for growers, processors, dispensaries, smoke shops, and head shops. 


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