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Raw Brand Products

RAW is a legendary and the most trusted name in the cannabis community. RAW products are the most sought-after by cannabis enthusiasts – especially its rolling papers. All-natural, unrefined, and vegan are just some adjectives that describe RAW rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. RAW also manufactures a range of accessories that you can buy at wholesale prices from MJ Wholesale.

This post will discuss different RAW products, their usage, and their uniqueness. The following is a comprehensive list of all the topics we will discuss.

  • What is RAW?
  • Types of RAW Products
  • How do RAW Products work?
  • How to use RAW Products?
  • RAW vs. Other brands
  • Why should you stock up on Raw Products for your shop?
  • Where can you buy Raw Products at wholesale prices?
  • RAW – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about RAW products

What is RAW?
RAW is one of the oldest and most popular rolling papers and smoking accessories brands. The company provides smokers with an all-natural smoking experience from decades ago– something everyone is hyped up about off late. RAW rolling papers are made from unrefined, vegan materials and are free of chemicals and other additives. RAW rolling papers don't have any chalk, dyes, or burn additives, and consumers can relish the authentic flavor of their cannabis rather than the paper.RAW brand's quality, durability, health-friendliness, and ecological consciousness have earned them a reputation for excellence.


A close look at RAW's history 
RAW, the famous brand of rolling papers, was established in 1995 by Josh Kesselman. The RAW brand offers a selection of papers for smoking tobacco and cannabis.

It all started when Josh Kesselman sold all his belongings in 1993 to start Knuckleheads, a small smoke shop in Gainesville, Florida. His store specialized in imported rolling papers from Europe and smoking paraphernalia.

In 1996, a woman whose father was in the US government bought a bong from Kesselman. He was placed under house arrest after being raided. Later that year, he moved to Arizona and started HBI – a smoke shop supply and distribution company. In 1997, Kesselman's business began to expand. A rolling paper factory owner from Spain's Alcoy region approached him about developing new products. Kesselman joined forces with him and eventually developed two brands: Juicy Jay's, which were flavored papers, and Elements, which were similar to rice papers.

In 2004, Kesselman invested $1 million in a supplier of natural, unprocessed, and unbleached hemp fiber that could be processed and labeled as "vegan" papers. The idea became hugely successful, and RAW became the first company to introduce "vegan" rolling papers on the market. In 2005, RAW began mass production, continued creating high-quality rolling papers, and introduced new products in the coming years to become what it is today. 

Types of RAW Products
MJ Wholesale is proud to feature a vast collection of a variety of RAW products. Some of the popular RAW products we carry are:

1. RAW Rolling Papers and Cones

RAW rolling papers are 100% organic and are made from natural hemp. RAW is widely famous for its rolling papers and has the best cones to offer. The papers we have are available in various sizes, including 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and King sizes. There is no doubt that RAW Cones are the best way to enjoy cannabis without the hassle of rolling. The cones are made with a hybrid blend of unbleached plant fibers and contain a natural gumline to ensure the paper does not burn faster than your product. King size, 109 mm, and 84 mm are some of the cone sizes we carry. The cone-shaped technology perfectly holds your product without any spillage. The cones contain zero additives or unnatural ingredients for an all-natural smoke.

2. RAW Rolling Trays

We have a collection of RAW rolling trays in different sizes, materials, and colors. Some feature the trademark RAW logo; some are artsy, while others are plain and classy. Most RAW rolling trays have raised and curved edges to ensure your product does not go flying off the table.

3. RAW Pre-rolled Tips

Tips are essential for every cone, blunt or joint when smoking. RAW pre-rolled tips are chemical and chlorine free. They ensure a smooth smoking experience by filtering out debris and supporting your product. RAW's tips are a product of natural hemp fiber blend made from the same unbleached plant fibers as their rolling papers.

4. RAW Apparel and Novelty items

Give your customers something extra with the RAW apparel and novelty range. They would love to don the stylish, all-new apparel from their favorite Rolling Paper brand. Our RAW apparel and novelty items include funky t-shirts, drawstring bags, sandals, bandanas, socks, hats, and masks.

5. RAW Grinders

RAW grinders end the endless churning required by other low-quality grinders. The 4-piece RAW grinders look classy and have precision sharp teeth and magnetic lid closure. They are the best accessories for achieving a uniform consistency and a fine grind to roll the perfect joint.


How do RAW Rolling papers and cones work?
Now that we've covered the RAW products we carry let's look at how two of the most popular RAW products - RAW rolling papers and RAW cones work!

How do RAW rolling papers work?
RAW rolling paper is made from pure, unrefined hemp grown in Spain's nutrient-rich soils. The hemp is then processed using special techniques that preserve the plant's natural oils and chlorophyll. This results in a rolling paper that is thinner and slower burning than other papers on the market. In addition, the RAW rolling paper does not contain any chemical bleach or dyes, which means that it does not alter the taste of your smoke. Whether a first-time smoker or an experienced connoisseur, RAW rolling paper is crafted to provide an enjoyable smoking experience.

How do RAW pre-rolled cones work?
RAW pre-rolled cones are a convenient way to enjoy your favorite herbs. Fill the cone with your desired amount of herb, twist the end, close it, and light up. The cones are made from natural unbleached paper, so you can be sure that you're only inhaling the purest smoke possible. Plus, the tips are already rolled, so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself. RAW pre-rolled cones are the perfect way to enjoy a quick and smooth smoking experience.

How to use RAW Products?
Let us look at how to use RAW rolling papers and machines. 

How To Roll RAW Papers
Rolling RAW papers is an essential skill for anyone selling them in their shop. Not only does it look professional, but it also builds trust with your customers. Plus, you can guide the smoking novices if they need help. 
Here's everything you need to roll a perfect joint:
-RAW rolling papers
-Your favorite weed 
-Rolling Tray
-A grinder
-A filter (optional)
-A lighter

Step 1: Start by grinding up your weed. You want to use a fine grind so that the joint burns evenly. If you don't have a grinder, you can use scissors or your hand.
Step 2: Take your RAW rolling paper and fold it in half. Then, use your thumbs to make a crease in the paper.
Step 3: Unfold the paper and sprinkle your ground weed evenly across the center of the paper.
Step 4: Again, fold the paper in half and use your thumbs to make a crease. This time, you want to ensure that the weed is tightly packed inside the paper.
Step 5: Roll the paper up from the bottom, using your thumbs to keep the weed in place. Upon reaching the top of the paper, lick the glue strip and finish rolling.
Step 6: Use your lighter to burn the edges of the joint lightly. This will help it stay lit.
Step 7: Take a few puffs and enjoy your perfect RAW joint!

How to use RAW Rolling Machine
A RAW rolling machine is a great way to save time when rolling joints. They can also help you achieve a perfect joint each time. To use a RAW rolling machine properly, you must have the following things handy:

-Your favorite weed 
-A grinder (optional)
-A filter (optional)
-A RAW Rolling Machine

Step 1: Start by selecting your favorite weed strain. If you're using a grinder, grind your weed to a medium-fine consistency. If you're not using a grinder, break your weed by hand into smaller pieces.
Step 2: Place your ground-up or broken-up weed into the RAW Rolling Machine. 
Step 3: Close the RAW Rolling Machine and give it a few good twists to evenly distribute the weed inside.
Step 4: Open the RAW Rolling Machine, and your joint should be perfectly rolled and ready to smoke! If you're using a filter, tuck it in at this point.
And that's all there is to it! Rolling joints with a RAW Rolling Machine is quick, easy, and ensures a perfect roll. So if your customers often feel lazy or don't have the patience for hand-rolling, suggest they use a RAW Rolling Machine, and they won't be disappointed!

RAW vs. Other brands
RAW – the name speaks for itself. It is the go-to brand for all health-conscious smokers. Their papers are made of natural hemp paper and contain no chemicals or added substances. This results in a pure smoking experience as there is no burning of extra materials, just the clean taste of your herb. Other brands use a mixture of hemp and flax, bleached with chlorine dioxide gas. This process adds chemicals to the paper, which can be harmful when inhaled. 

RAW products have a patented criss-cross fiber design that produces an even, slow and clean burn, which is not present in other brands. This results in a more controlled and consistent smoking experience. 
Finally, RAW products are vegan and use only plant-based materials in their products, while other brands often use animal by-products such as bone char in their bleaching process.

Why should I stock up on RAW Products in my head shop?
RAW is a big name in the cannabis market, and if you have connoisseurs visiting your shop and they don't find RAW products on your shelves, it might disappoint them. Even novices are well-aware of the RAW brand and consider it one of the must-have brands. 

Here are a few reasons why all your customers will love buying RAW products:

Slow Burn: People's main complaint about papers from other brands is that they burn too quickly. This results in a lot of wasted product and can get pretty frustrating. RAW products have a unique criss-cross fiber design that controls the burning process and results in an even, slow burn. This means your customers will get more use out of their product and enjoy an elevated smoking experience.

Natural: RAW products are made of natural hemp paper and are 100% chemical-free. This results in a purer smoking experience as there is no burning of extra material, just the clean taste of your herb.

Vegan: Raw products are vegan and use only plant-based materials in their products. This is important to a vast section of customers looking for vegan-friendly options.

Entrepreneurial philanthropy: RAW is known for its philanthropy and environmental friendliness and has built long-lasting economic networks in communities worldwide. Purchasing RAW papers, cones, or even RAW apparel helps contribute to a brighter future for everyone.
So, there you have it! These are just a few reasons your customers will love using RAW products if they don't already. If you're looking for an easy, affordable, and sustainable way to stock your shop, then RAW products are the way to go!

Where can I buy Raw Products at wholesale prices?
Disregarding RAW products will cause a loss of potential customers who appreciate only the finest. Serve only the best to your cannabis-loving customers by stocking RAW products. Make MJ Wholesale your go-to for all things RAW – from rolling papers to apparel to accessories. By stocking all RAW products at wholesale rates, you'll retain all new customers and smokers seeking out this upscale brand.

From different sizes of RAW papers to pre-rolled filters, we have everything you need for your smoke shop or head shop. As the go-to source for all things RAW, we are happy to help you make your customers' smoking experiences as enjoyable as possible.

RAW – The Final Verdict
MJ Wholesale proudly offers Rawthentic products for your dispensary needs and enables you to provide an excellent smoking experience to your customers.

If you want to stock up on high-quality, vegan rolling papers, RAW is your brand. Their joint papers are made with unrefined, natural fibers that give a unique flavor. RAW uses all-natural dyes and no added chalk in their rolling paper. Every dispensary and head shop should stock RAW rolling papers and other RAW products to provide the best experience for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about RAW

1. What are the sizes of RAW rolling papers available?
RAW offers a variety of rolling papers, each designed for a different smoking experience. RAW rolling papers are available in these sizes: single wide,  1 ¼, 1 ½, double wide, and king size. 

2.Are RAW papers natural?
RAW rolling papers are unbleached and contain no burn additives, dyes, or chalk. RAW papers are made from natural plants. 

3.Are RAW papers biodegradable?
Yes! All RAW papers are made with 100% natural fibers and are completely biodegradable.

4.How can I check if my RAW papers are authentic?
The easiest way to verify if your rolling papers are authentic is by lighting a lighter underneath the gumline of the paper. They should be far enough so that the paper won't burn. If the paper is authentic, the gum line will curl naturally. 

5.What is the difference between RAW classic and RAW black rolling papers?
The main difference between both variations is that RAW black is thinner than RAW classic and works best only with premium quality cannabis. 


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