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Free Shipping On $1,500 or more
Free Shipping On $1,500 or more


1/4 Oz Mylar Bags


Wholesale pricing for 1/4 Oz Mylar bag ¼ oz is perfect for keeping ¼ ounce of dry product weight fresh. It will help extend the life of the product. In addition, it is durable for transportation and storage. We offer high quality 1/4 oz Mylar packaging at affordable prices. These bags fit 7 grams of flower. 

These are our ¼ oz gram Mylar bag. It fits 7 grams of dry flower product. Our Mylar bags come in White, Silver, Black, Gold, and Kraft colors. They also come in Opaque and Vista. Opaque Mylar Bags are required by some states to not allow the product to be visible. Vista packaging has one side that is clear and see through allowing the product to be seen.

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