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The Futurola Shredder tunnel is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel while the whips are made with food grade nylon. 

The patented design allows for perfectly shredded material for use in filling cones. Shred pounds of products in seconds! 

The Venturi Shrink Sleeve Labeler Cone Lock allows for quick sealing of products. The Knockbox is the gold standard in the industry for filling cones in mass. 

All of these units together make an incredibly effective system for producing cone joints in mass quantities both fast and efficiently. Expect a consistent and high quality product when the full system is used together. 

Futurola's patented technology is unmatched in its performance. We are proud to carry this incredibly high quality solution for your business as it’s the perfect way to save time and come out with a perfect product every time!

The adjustable digital timer on these units goes from 0 to 15 seconds with rubber tires and uses 120 volts (normal wall outlet) for easy operation anywhere. 

Made in the USA. Plexiglas Lid With Magnetic Closure. Removable Pin For Loading & Unloading. These machines are incredibly easy to clean.

The Futurola Super Model comes with the added benefit of catching stems with the Futurola Super Shredder Screen Barrel. These allow you to de-stem material ran through the Futurola Super Shredders for better filtering of larger stems which may be left over from shredding.

These products are designed to take your business to the next level. 

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