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Air Fresheners & Candles


When the smells and aromas of smoking are too strong, it’s time to turn to a candle or air freshener. We offer the brands of odor masks that you already trust, like Ozium, Raw, and Special Blue. Help your customers stay discrete with our bulk wholesale supply of odor eliminators, air fresheners, and candles.

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Help your customers avoid stinking up their rooms with sticky-sweet smoke by utilizing our bulk wholesale supply of odor eliminators, air fresheners, and candles

We offer odor eliminators in various scents that will appeal to your unique customer base. MJWholesale supply has: 

In single counts, as well as bulk options, so your headshop or dispensary can easily and affordably keep these smell masking products in stock, and help your customers stay discrete.

The sense of smell is a powerful way to impact a room. Our odor eliminating candles and air fresheners are sure to remove unpleasant smells. Our Air Fresheners, Candles and odor neutralizers eliminate specific skunk smells that can overpower and essentially create a level of uncomforted work space. No matter what the case is, our products are sure to give a great odor eliminating experience whether in the form of a candle or an air freshener.