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Air Fresheners & Candles

When the smells and aromas of smoking are too strong, it’s time to turn to a candle or air freshener. We offer the brands of odor masks that you already trust, like Ozium, Raw, and Special Blue. Help your customers stay discrete with our bulk wholesale supply of odor eliminators, air fresheners, and candles.

Many customers seek a 'wholesome smoking experience' from their favorite dispensaries and smoke shops rather than just the herb or the smoking device. It is vital to care for the post-smoking needs of your customers too!  But how? The stubborn smell floating in their room long after a fun smoking session can be a major turn-off for people. 

You can address your customers' problems by stocking up on air fresheners and candles to eliminate any nasty post-smoking odors and smells.  MJ Wholesale features a collection of air sanitizers, incense burners, odor eliminator candles, odor eliminator sprays, and odor removing gels that you can purchase in bulk! 

We have a wide variety of Special Blue odor eliminators in various fragrances for you. If your customers prefer candles, we have RAW candles and some unique Beamer candles in multiple scents.  You can also choose from a wide range of Ozium Air Sanitizers that we have in our collection.


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