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Free Shipping On $1,500 or more
Free Shipping On $1,500 or more


Air Fresheners & Candles


Many people dislike the lingering smells associated with smoking. Make sure you appeal to those customers with our odor eliminating candles. 

Pipes | Batteries | Rolling Trays | Grinders | Papers & Cones | Scales | Lighters | Torches | Storage | Air Fresheners | Ashtrays | Clothing

The sense of smell is a powerful way to impact a room. Our odor eliminating candles and air fresheners are sure to remove unpleasant smells. Our Air Fresheners, Candles and odor neutralizers eliminate specific skunk smells that can overpower and essentially create a level of uncomforted work space. No matter what the case is, our products are sure to give a great odor eliminating experience whether in the form of a candle or an air freshener.