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Samples of Marijuana Packaging

Looking to invest in marijuana packaging but aren’t sure about placing a bulk order yet? Don’t worry! MJ Wholesale has the perfect solution for you. Now you can order samples of marijuana packaging at cheap rates. If you like the samples, only then place a bulk order! Does it get better than this? We think not!

Grip n Pull Mylar bags available in opaque black and white are the apt solution for storing and transporting marijuana. They are available in different sizes for varying quantities like 7 grams, 28 grams, and 1 gram too! The TriQube Concentrate Jar is the perfect container for a variety of concentrates, waxes, and oils. You can also check out the Clear Concentrate Container with a child-resistant cap for concentrates.

Are you unsure about placing a bulk order of cannabis packaging for your product range? It is natural for cannabis business owners to have some hesitation, confusion and apprehension before investing in a bulk order. Especially if you they new in the cannabis business.

If you too need to check out the marijuana packaging thoroughly before you place a bulk order, you’re at the right place.

At MJ Wholesale, we strive to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, which is why we welcome you to place orders for samples of marijuana packaging from our collection. Ordering samples allows you to see how your product will look in our packaging, making sure you find exactly what you need.

This post will discuss the different types of cannabis packaging samples available on MJ Wholesale and why you must buy from us!

The following is an overview of the topics we will be discussing.

  • What are Samples of Marijuana Packaging?
  • The types of Samples of Marijuana Packaging
  • How do samples of Marijuana Packaging work?
  • How to use Samples of Marijuana Packaging?
  • Why should you purchase Samples of Marijuana Packaging?
  • Where can you buy Samples of Marijuana Packaging?
  • Samples of Marijuana Packaging – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Samples of Marijuana Packaging

What are Samples of Marijuana Packaging?

Our samples are essentially a single unit of a particular product available to buy at minimal rates before placing a bulk order. Samples allow cannabis business owners to try out products before having to buying them in bulk quantities. Samples of Marijuana Packaging at MJ Wholesale are priced in a way that customers can buy multiple samples of different kinds of packaging for their product and then choose the best one according to their likes and budget.

The types of Samples of Marijuana Packaging

We have a range of marijuana packaging items available for you to buy as samples. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Mylar bags are known well for their versatility and strength. They make an excellent form of packaging because they can withstand wear and tear. Unlike plastic bags, these bags boast of increased puncture resistance and tensile strength. If you're considering using Mylar bags for your product packaging, ordering samples can help you determine how they'll look in this packaging. 


At MJ Wholesale, we have Vista Mylar Bags and Opaque Mylar bags in different colors. Whether it is the Dura Defense Child Resistant Exit Bag, Loud Lock Grip n Pull Child Resistant Mylar Bag, Preroll Mylar Bag, Mylar Bag Pouch or Mylar Bag Vista with window, we have samples of all varieties.  

We have the right packaging for your concentrate products too. The stunning Qube Square and TriQube Concentrate Jars look exquisite. Not only are they lightweight, durable, and take up less space, but they provide optimal protection. They're easy to carry and are handy. They provide an airtight seal and the elegance of premium glass while also being child resistant. With Qube Concentrate Jar samples available in different sizes, you can get an idea of how they look and feel before investing in a bulk order. We have circular concentrate containers with child proof lids in black as well as white. 

Glass jars are a great way to package samples of cannabis. They keep the product fresh and safe from humidity and contaminants and look more professional than plastic bags. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, so you can choose the ones you like. Check our different samples of glass jars before you decide on the size of jars want to order in bulk. You can also try out the samples of PET plastic jars that we have if your customers are more comfortable with plastic containers

Blunt tubes are the perfect way to package blunts or pre-rolls. They provide an airtight seal and protect the product from light and humidity that degrade marijuana's quality. We have blunt tubes in various sizes like 78mm and 116mm. We have blunt tubes available in plastic as well as glass. Our samples of blunt tubes allow you to try out the feel, look and quality of different types of tubes before placing a bulk order. You can also get them custom-labeled by us for your brand! 

Pop-top vials are efficient, plastic containers that let customers access the product quickly. They're great for sampling or storing small amounts of cannabis. Available in varying capacities like 30 dram, 13 drams and 60 drams, our child-resistant vials provide a secure seal and are made of durable plastic, making them handy and easy to travel with. Check out the efficiency of our pop-top vial samples before investing in a bulk order!

How do Samples of Marijuana Packaging work?

The best way to decide if a type of marijuana packaging, smoking tool or accessory is suitable for your business or product is by ordering a sample before investing in bulk. Buying the product as a sample will give you an idea of how it looks and feels, without causing a hole in your pocket. Depending on your needs, you can determine what sizes and shapes of packaging suits your needs the best. You can also decide how you will customize the packaging or branding for the same. 

How to use Samples of Marijuana Packaging?

Samples of marijuana packaging can be used for various purposes. They are perfect for sampling small amounts of cannabis, or to get an idea of what the packaging type looks and feels like holding your product. You can also use samples of marijuana packaging as a promotional tool to attract customers. Use them with your product as gifts or contest prizes during promotional events like concerts or festivals.

Use the samples to display your products on shelves and counters, or give them away with your product as freebies at events or trade shows. This way, customers can get an idea of how great your product and its packaging are.

Why should I purchase Samples of Marijuana Packaging?

Purchasing samples of marijuana packaging provides a great way to explore the different kinds of packaging in the market and selecting the best one for your product. 

Here are some more reasons why you must purchase samples of marijuana packaging:

  • Minimizes the Risk Factor

Samples of marijuana packaging help minimize the risk factor involved in placing a bulk order. If you're about to order a large quantity of a packaging product, it's always better to test its sample before investing in the entire bulk quantity. This way, if something isn't suitable for your product, you won't be wasting money on a bulk quantity of it.

  • Enables comparison of different samples

It’s helpful to have samples of different packaging options with you when you can't decide which would be the most apt for your product. This way, you can compare them practically and see which suits your needs better.

You might find that one option is more expensive but of better quality, while another is cheaper with an average quality. What matters most is what you value—so evaluating samples will help you take the right decision. 

  • Allows customizing the shape of your product

If you are very keen on a certain type of packaging, buying some samples of it can give you a better idea of how you should shape your product to suit the packaging.

Samples of marijuana packaging enable you to customize the size and shape of your product, ensuring that you get exactly what you want it in terms of the overall display and functionality.

  • Enables Promoting Your Products

Samples of marijuana packaging are perfect for testing new products or promoting existing ones. You can use them to promote your store by giving away samples at events, giving them as gifts, contest prizes, or even using them as promotional tools in marketing campaigns. Use the samples to display your products on shelves and counters, or even give them away as freebies at events or trade shows. This way, even your customers can get an idea of how great your products are before buying them in bigger quantities.

Where can I buy Samples of Marijuana Packaging?

MJ Wholesale's samples of marijuana packaging provide a great opportunity to get aesthetically pleasing, durable and affordable packaging solutions. Samples are beneficial for testing and experimentation before larger investment. MJ Wholesale makes it easier with its quick shipping, and excellent customer service. Whether it is mylar bags, pop top tubes, blunt tubes or glass jars – we have them all as samples. Get your sample today from MJ Wholesale and you will know why we are the most reliable and cost-friendly source for your bulk marijuana packaging needs.

Samples of Marijuana Packaging – The Final Verdict

Samples of marijuana packaging offer a great opportunity to test products before buying in bulk, gain knowledge on how it works, how safe it is, and its overall appearance. MJ Wholesale provides customers with quality samples at the best prices. Get your samples today! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Samples of Marijuana Packaging

  • Are samples of marijuana packaging affordable? 

Yes! You can purchase high-quality samples at an affordable price from MJ Wholesale. Most of our samples are $1 or $2 per piece. 

  • What are the benefits of using samples of marijuana packaging?

Samples of marijuana packaging provide several benefits, including testing products before investing in bulk quantities, promoting your brand and product at events, choosing between different options, and assessing the overall appearance and compatibility of your product with the packaging.

This bag is made up of durable material, is child resistant and has a long-lasting appeal. It has a smooth and easy grip, yet can withstand heavy use. 

  • Does MJ Wholesale have samples of concentrate containers?

Yes. You can buy samples of concentrate containers from MJ Wholesale. TriQube and Qube Concentrate jars are some of the most popular concentrate containers in our collection. 

The Pop Top vials in our collection meet the ASTM and CPSC child resistance standards. They are opaque, UV blocking, BPA free and recyclable. 

Our Glass blunt tubes with a flat bottom and child-resistant screw top caps have an air-tight seal to provide freshness and protection to your pre-rolls even on the go. Get your hands on the blunt tube samples, manufactured in the USA and available in various sizes such as 78mm30 drams13 drams60 drams, and 116 mm. We have something for store owners looking for jars as well. You can choose from the PET plastic single wall jar in 4 oz or 2 ozGlass Jar with a screw-top cap, or the Straight sided round jar for your dispensary needs. With the immense variety of marijuana packaging at MJ Wholesale, you will surely be spoilt for choice.

What’s more, you can order a sample of each packaging supply and see which one suits you the best! So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for some sample shopping! 



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