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The Brands We Believe In

Here at MJ Wholesale we've dedicated our business to making strong relationships with vendors to give you the best prices available. We only source highly reputable brands with a history of proven success that will meet your business's needs. Below you will find a list of our brands, with their name being a link to a page that will show their products we offer.

Zooted Brandz

A luxury brand created for the most discerning of smokers. Zooted Brandz has everything you need from Rolling Trayz and Grinderz to Paperz and Lighterz. Using only the finest materials available, Zooted Brandz ensures their customers have a premium experience at every sesh. No detail is too small for Zooted Brandz, from the magnetic closure on their heavy-duty Grinderz to the high quality slow burning Premium Hemp Wrapz, Zooted Brandz is dedicated to raising the expectations of all those who get Zooted.

Zig Zag

The most iconic rolling paper that we sell at MJ Wholesale is definitely Zig-Zag. There is no rolling paper company that we know of that has a more rich and storied past. Founded in Europe over a century ago, the Zig-Zag man can now be found everywhere. Zig-Zag was the first rolling paper company to interleave their papers, back in 1900! And, that’s how they got their name too, it's the zig-zag of how the papers are dispensed. You only use one rolling paper at a time. When you take one paper out of the pack, and the others are kept clean, dry and in the pack until you need them, thank Zig-Zag!!


We sell a lot of different brands at MJ Wholesale. One of the brands that we love the most is RAW. RAW is the real deal. Their flagship products, a wide variety of rolling papers and cones, have guided them to be one of the most instantly recognizable and revered brand names in cannabusiness. RAW is authentic. Founded in 1997 in the USA, RAW is a new school champion of marijuana consumption and enjoyment. The papers and cones are famously unbleached and unrefined and have a special proprietary watermark that makes them burn slowly and evenly. Beside papers and cones, RAW makes a wide variety of smoking accessories including; grinders, rolling trays lighters, clothing, and much more.

Consumers (end users, not resellers) CAN NOT buy directly from RAW, but CAN buy a vast array of authentic RAW products from a trusted reseller, like us, MJ Wholesale.


FUTUROLA "The Future of Rolling" specializes in Pre-Roll Production Systems. This American owned, family company started out as a few coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Now they set the bar high with their own cone rolling and joint prerolling industrial equipment to maximize production with reduced manpower. Teaming up with the legendary boxer Mike Tyson, FUTUROLA is big time.

Skunk Bags

Skunk Bags makes a wide variety of high quality, high tech, smell proof carry bags. These outstanding bags are available in all shapes and sizes. A smell proof bag will help you ensure your discretion. Whatever kinds of bags you need; duffel, backpack, sling, suitcase, hip sack, or small bag, Skunk Bags has got you covered. They also make cool accessories, like caps, and masks. (This company, Skunk Bags, is not affiliated with Skunk Brands, which makes Hemp Wraps and Rolling Papers.)


STR8, another Metro Detroit legend located on world famous 8 MIle Rd., makes top notch vape gear, herb grinders, rolling trays, glass bongs, storage cases and much more. Many of their products feature sweet original art with a Motown flare.


OOZE is a funky fresh cannabis lifestyle enhancement company. They're constantly making newer and cooler way to enjoy your vape, smoke, dab or whatever. Offering a complete line of products that are durable, affordable and fun, OOZE is another friendly neighbor here in Metro Detroit.


Elements are super thin, rice paper based rolling papers. They burn slowly and completely, leaving very little ash. They’re known for having very little taste, so you can taste your precious herbs even better. Elements papers, like RAW, are also made in the Alcoy region of Spain, the birthplace of the rolling paper.


Cyclones Clear Pre-Rolled Cones are not paper or plastic. These unique translucent cones are natural and safe to smoke cotton cellulose. They come in fruity flavors or unflavored and have a slow, smooth burn.