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VZ-TEC Industrial


VZ-TEC started with a desire to help solve a problem. The 2018 Farm bill was the spark that started the industrial hemp boom in the USA. Harvesting hemp for use in the CBD industry was not going to be easy. VZ-TEC reached out to several farmers across the nation and It turned out processing plants for high quality CBD was much more labor intensive than anticipated and many of the small to mid-sized farms were caught off guard. 

The Easy Bucker is the fastest dry-bucking machine on the market. Capable of processing over 1000 lb/hour of industrial hemp, creating processor-ready product. The powder-coated steel constructed base carries 2 single-horsepower Baldor motors on a variable speed optidrive. With adjustable height up to 80 inches and a locking tilt up to 90 degrees, the Easy Bucker can adapt to different-sized operations with ease.

The Easy Bucker comes with 8 removable food-grade brushes, approved by the FDA. Adjusted through the variable frequency drive (VFD), the brushes are capable of producing a product at the perfect consistency for CBD or oil extraction.

Our wide range of machinery from VZ-TEC, you are all set to get the most out of your crops. The VZ-TEC Industrial Size Dry Harvest Bucker Processing Machine is an industrial hemp processor that can handle up to 1000 lb/hour! With its sturdy steel construction and powerful Baldor motors, this processor is perfect for every operation. Additionally, with its adjustable height and tilt, it can adapt to any workspace and is a must-have equipment for every hemp processing operation. 

The Easy Bucker is the perfect machine for commercial hemp operation. With its capacity to process over 1000 lbs/hour of industrial hemp, it can easily keep up with the demands of the largest capacity. So, if you're looking for a dry-bucking machine that can provide both speed and quality, the Easy Bucker is a perfect choice. 

The VZ-TEC Industrial Size EZ Bucker, 12 Foot Conveyor, is the perfect addition to any cannabis processing line. With a wide variety of conveyors to choose from, VZ-TEC has the perfect solution for your needs. The EZ Bucker is a simple yet effective way to move your product from one place to another. With a 12-foot length, it is a great solution for large-scale operations. 

If you're looking to create a processor-ready product, look no further. Say hello to your new best friend - the VZ-TEC Deluxe Industrial Size Dry Harvest Bucker Processing Machine. It features a smooth pivoting system and quick-change shaft & brush system to get that job done fast. 

So, don’t wait! Scale your business and offerings with the VZ-Tec Industrial Size EZ Bucker, EZ Bucker 12-foot conveyor, and the Dry Harvest Bucker Processing Machines available at MJ Wholesale.

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