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No Tariff Charges - All Orders Ship Same Business Day
No Tariff Charges - All Orders Ship Same Business Day

Pop Top Vials - Child Resistant Drams


Our Medical Grade Pop Tops & Vials are the best bet to meet your wholesale dispensary needs. These certified CPSC children resistant Dram Pop Top containers are lauded for being: Easy to openConvenientSecure | Child Safe The type of packaging we provide creates discretion and compliance for your business. With an airtight seal and moisture resistant design, these vials are the perfect bottle for storing and keeping products fresh. The child resistant design and squeeze top features offer ways to package both medical and recreational products in a secure fashion. Click here to see which size dram you need.  To open, firmly squeeze both sides near the top which produces a signature strong “pop” sound. We have the following sizes available:

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
Philips 13 Dram | Philips 19 Dram | Philips 30 Dram | Philips 60 Dram | 90 Dram | Tamper-Evident | Joint. Cone & Blunt Tubes