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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

STO Pop Tops & Joint Tubes - Recyclable - Sustainable - Child Resistant - American Made


Get STO Responsible & get much more out of your cannabis containers when you use these sustainable and environmentally-conscious choices!

STO Responsible offers affordability and sustainability wrapped into one convenient package. Their forward-thinking design for their CR-certified packaging offers a clear conscience for consumers. 

When you utilize STO Responsible packaging, you get 100% single-stream recyclable materials that are reusable for the consumer over and over again.

There are fully customizable branding options across all STO Responsible packaging, which also has certified child-resistant locking mechanisms that help to keep families safe.

Look through the array of STO pop-top vials and joint tubes below to stay stocked on the latest and greatest for your shop or store. Whether you utilize them for storing and packaging products or sell them for retail so your customers can take advantage of worthwhile storage options, we have them all available right here.

Women-owned and environmentally-conscious, STO Responsible Pop-tops aim to constantly reach greater heights. 

From the sourcing of their packaging materials to their accelerated degradation technology that allows them to reduce their environmental impact, STO Responsible shows how much they care. 

You can request samples from our team today, or place a wholesale bulk order to take advantage of all the packaging opportunities at your disposal. 

For your smoke shop, dispensary, or other cannabis needs, STO Responsible is the 100% USA-made choice for you!

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