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Cone Filling Machines

Joint and cone filling machines are useful for a smoke shop or dispensary, but also for the customer themself. Using a filling machine, you can control both the amount and the density of how much is packed.

By reducing the amount of rework needed to weigh pre-rolls, you increase the overall output of pre-roll production. This makes filling machines invaluable both on a business and consumer level.

Save time, effort, and even product with a joint or cone filling machine that can do the work for you. Automated and easy, take a look through our line to find the machine that can handle the kind of herb you're dealing with.

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Rolling and filling machines are a worthy investment for those that like to save time AND product. While you certainly don't lose that much flower while pre-rolling or packaging for customers, you do still lose some. 

This helps mitigate that loss and reduce the time you're spending on pre-rolling down to a fraction of what it is currently. Try out one of our filling kit or filling machines today and find out why people are utilizing it in their businesses!


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