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Hand Glass, Bowls, Rigs, Bubblers and Accessories, Dispensary Supplies

As you know, there are many ways to use cannabis. You can use pipes, rigs or other accessories. We have a large quantity of whatever your preference is! Within each category, we contain a diverse selection of designs and styles. Stocking your business with a healthy selection of pipes, rigs, and accessories will help appeal to the variety of tastes within your customer base. We offer Hand Pipes, Water Pipes, Rigs, and so much more. Browse our directory of unique pipe, rig, and accessory options to find products that meet the needs of your dispensary. If you’re looking for other dispensary supplies and accessories, feel free to use the menu below to jump to some of our other popular products. 

Some cannabis users prefer a pipe, rig, or bong to consume their products. That's why we have you covered no matter what you're looking for.

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A pipe is a hand held device that has a mouth piece, a “head” to put product into, and often a “carb” hole to allow air in to clear the smoke at the end of a hit. These are great for long term, reliable, and portable smoking. Bongs are water pipes that use water to cool the smoke, making the hits less intense on the lungs. Oil rigs are used to vaporize herbal oils for immediate consumption. No matter which one you're looking for, we've got you covered with low prices.


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