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$200 Order Minimum
$200 Order Minimum

Silicone Bowls

Hand Pipes are some of the oldest smoking implements known to man. A device with that much history can surely benefit from some modern innovation! These affordable pipes are easier to clean and more durable than their glass counterparts. Take advantage of our unbeatable bulk wholesale prices and stock your dispensary with our practical and novelty silicon pipes.

Forget about shattered glass! With silicone, broken pipes are a thing of the past. Our collection of silicone pipes stand up to even the most extreme tests of durability. Unlike more traditional pipe materials like clay or glass, silicone’s opaqueness and naturally stain-resistant properties help to prevent discoloration and resin buildup. We offer silicone hand pipes in several styles, including: 

  • novelty pipes 
  • water pipes 
  • key-chain pipes
  • chillums 
  • steam rollers 
  • and more!

Add some flair to your checkout stand with our affordable silicone pipe displays! 

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