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The rising popularity of wax, shatter, concentrates, and live resin has also soared the popularity of dab rigs in the cannabis market. MJ Wholesale is proud to present a vast collection of dab rigs of different brands, colors, styles, and functions for smoke shops and dispensaries.

The Omega Rig by Hemper Lunar Line is a collector’s delight. Standing 8 inches tall with a 14mm flower bowl and 360 showerhead percolators, this conical beauty is perfect for getting flavored rips. It has a perfect diffusing system and is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Ooze Flood Mini Rig is your best bet if you wish to stock up on something smaller. This mini rig enhances the flavor of the hits and is ideal for hot-start dabs. It has a solid intricate system that continuously filtrates, ensuring the hits are smooth and not harsh. Each rig has a banger, dab tool, and a Geode stash jar.