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Help your customers stay tidy and clean with our vast array of ashtrays. We offer ashtrays made from a myriad of different materials including metal, silicone, and plastic. Our ashtrays come in a variety of styles so that you can find the perfect products to service your dispensary's unique consumer base, and our bulk wholesale dispensary supplies make stocking ashtrays easy and affordable. 

Ashtrays help smokers keep their homes, cars, and offices clean and tidy. No dispensary or headshop can truly be complete without stocking these collectable receptacles. At MJWholesale, we offer ashtrays made from: 

So that you can get exactly what you need. For many, ashtrays are collectors items, and are a way of expressing one’s self. That’s why we offer a unique assortment of styles including glow-in-the-dark ashtrays, bucket ashtrays, and even ashtrays with central pyramids that are perfect for clearing out bowls and pipes. 

Find brands you already know and trust like Raw, Elements , and Butt Bucket in bulk wholesale options that are incredibly affordable.


We have ashtrays that are glass, silicone, glow in the dark, and more. Make sure you have this vital smoker accessory for your store!

An ashtray is an integral piece to any smoker's collection. To keep smoking areas clean, people often employ ashtrays as the trash receptacle of choice. Make sure you appeal to any newer smoker or somebody looking for a new ashtray with our great product offering. We're proud to bring you high quality ashtrays for low prices.

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