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Small Rolling Trays

Small Rolling Trays - Wholesale Rolling Trays for Dispensaries, Resellers, and Consumers. We offer wholesale rolling trays and supplies for your rolling needs. Our trays are available in many sizes and brands! We have a huge selection of Rolling Tray Characters, Images, and Shapes. 


Not everyone has ounces of product to smoke. Make sure you appeal to any stoner with these small trays. They're large enough to be used for rolling joints or cigarettes and are great for rolling on the go. 

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A rolling tray is an important tool in a stoner's arsenal. The tray often is the place on which all other tools are stored. Many stoners prefer to have stylized trays to match their personalities. That's why we carry many different brands, sizes, and other accessories. As many more people become exposed to cannabis as legalization continues, there will only be an increase demand for cannabis related accessories. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve with our large selection of high quality products at low prices.


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