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Dab Tools

Herbal oils are an up and coming trend for smokers. Not only do they provide more potent effects, they also are more compact. Many users like to have multiple sets of tools. Thats why we have you and your business covered from  dabbers, scrapers, Skilletools Master Kits, or a Skilletools Travel Set. Whether you're shopping for personal use or bulk, we have high quality tools sure to please. Level up your smoke shop by offering the latest and greatest dab tools! MJ Wholesale’s innovative, unique, and attractive dab tools will ensure your customers enjoy their concentrates stylishly. Whether they're using dabs for medical purposes or just for fun, your customers will love the options you offer. Get on the dabber bandwagon today by shopping a range of dab tools at affordable rates only on MJ Wholesale. 

The arrow-shaped Glass Dab Tool is perfect for hitting the bull's eye because it has high resistance to high temperatures! Made from high-quality glass, comfortable to hold, and easy to clean, it is perfect for managing oils, waxy concentrates, and herbs. With the glass mushroom dab tool, your customers can enjoy their concentrates in style! Its handle end can be used as a dab tool to scrape material and apply it to the hot nail, while the mushroom end can be used as a carb cap. This lightweight and flashy addition to your smoke shop will turn heads and make dabbing more fun. The five-inch long glow-in-the-dark dab tool is a crystal glass dab tool with a pointed tip, perfect for scooping up wax concentrates. Its crystal and swirly appearance is capable of adding a touch of luxury to any smoke sesh.


Using a dab rig is the perfect way to smoke concentrates. But is it really that simple? Concentrates come in various forms: oil-sticky concentrates or fragile forms like crystalline concentrates. It can be tricky to use them in a dab rig. 


Before enjoying your concentrates, you'll need a basic dab tool to get started.


Dab tools are long, slender instruments with a large scoop on one side and a fine-pointed tip on the other. The scoop at the end is used to pick and apply the concentrate to the dab rig.

This multifunctional tool is perfect for handling concentrates. A dab tool, also known as a dabber, simplifies the whole dabbing process without creating a mess. They come in all sorts of different styles and materials. Several types of dab tools are available in the market, but having the right tool can make the experience even better.


What is the use of a dab tool?

Dab tools are a great addition to the inventory of a smoke shop, dispensary, or other relevant businesses. 


Wax concentrates are sticky, whereas oil concentrates are runny and can be even thicker, making them difficult to manage. Using a dab tool to manage them is helpful, as they can be messy to work with otherwise. Liquid dabs are more difficult to move, so it is advised not to use a basic dab tool for this process. 


Using dab tools increases the safety and neatness of adding concentrates to dab rigs, thereby ensuring a smooth dabbing experience. Dab tools offer a high level of accuracy and enable handling concentrates with ease. They provide a strong grip, which makes them easy to use. They are made of a material that can withstand high heat and are resistant to damage making them tools with superior quality with high durability.


We have a stock of 120 mm dab tools that come in gold, silver, rainbow, and a combination of all three colors. The appealing design of these dab tools gives them a professional look, making them a stylish addition to your dab tool kit. A single piece of this dab tool is available at a humble $2. We also provide ten counts of this dab tool at $17.50.






How to use a dab tool?

Concentrates can be difficult to manage and a dab tool helps to add concentrate to the dab rig. Using the flat or spoon-shaped part of the metal rod, scoop out a tiny bit of concentrate from the container and wipe it onto the heated nail until all concentrate has been removed from the dabbing tool. The amount that is scooped out depends on the THC percentage of the concentrate. The thicker concentrate must be cut into smaller pieces with a sharp end before applying the concentrate to the dab nail. The concentrate will soon start to vaporize. The versatility of the dab tools makes them a necessary part of the process.


Any tool with a sharp tip that is easy to hold by hand can be used for dabbing purpose. A dab straw, honey or nectar collector, or even a torch lighter can be used as a dabbing tool. But to get the perfect and secure dabbing experience, it is recommended to use a proper dab tool.


Important points to consider before choosing a dab tool.

  • The dab tool you select depends on the concentrate you enjoy smoking. 
  • The material of the dab tool and the overall design of the tool are also important to consider while making the choice.
  • Dab tools can be made from glass, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, quartz, or other materials, as most of these are heat resistant. 
  • Some dab tools are made from materials that aren't very heat resistant; hence, those tools only last for a while. 


MJ Wholesale provides a wide range of dabbing supplies at wholesale rates. Various smoking accessories and growing & processing tools are also available at MJ Wholesale at affordable rates. 


In recent years, concentrates have taken the cannabis world by storm. The explosive rise in the usage of concentrate has created a new way to consume cannabis along with a distinct culture, vocabulary, and specialized gear for the same. This post will discuss the tools required to dab like a pro and get the most out of each dab session. Here is an overview of everything we will cover in this post. 

  • What is a dab tool?
  • The types of dab tools
  • How does a dab tool work?
  • How to use a dab tool?
  • How to clean a dab tool?
  • Why should you stock up on dab tools for your shop?
  • Where can you buy dab tools at wholesale prices?
  • Dab tool – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about dab tool

What is a dab tool?

Handling concentrate can be challenging as it is sticky and dense. THC concentrates can be tougher to manage compared to traditional flower. But with the help of an efficient dab tool (also known as dabbers), one can easily handle sticky, resonant THC concentrate and apply it to a heated nail. Dab tools are scoops or blades used to pick up or deposit cannabis concentrate.

Dab tools come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and functions: from simple to complex. But why are they so diverse? Because they're built to work with different types of concentrates. Let us take an example. Crumble will adhere to the equipment and can be handled by any flat blade, but the budder must be scooped with a tiny spoon before it can be added to a heated nail.

Types of dab tools

Dab tools are made of different materials and are available in a variety of styles. Let's have a look at some of the popular types.


Based on Material


Quartz dab tools are considered the finest for dabbing because of their effectiveness in preserving the flavor. Quartz also heats up quickly and cools down more rapidly than other materials. Its faster cooling period minimizes unintentional burns.


Dab tools are also made of ceramic, another heat-retaining material. It doesn't keep the flavor as good as quartz but is still superior to steel.


Glass is the most delicate material utilized in dab tools, but it is popular owing to its ability to produce lucrative results. Given the flexibility of glass blowing, you won't discover any other material that is as attractive and interesting-looking as handblown glass dab instruments. 

There are hundreds of hand-crafted patterns of glass dab tools, making them both artistic and practical. They're fragile, though; if you aren't careful, they can shatter quite quickly


Another popular dabber material is titanium, also used in many other applications. In reality, most dab instruments you'll see are constructed of titanium. This is due to its exceptional toughness. Titanium dab tools are generally made of medical-grade titanium, which is both robust and light.

5.Stainless steel

As far as performance is concerned, stainless steel is somewhat at par with titanium and is less expensive in comparison. However, stainless steel isn't as heat resistant as titanium, but it's still more so than quartz and glass. The widespread reputation of stainless steel is for its heat retention. Stainless steel dab tools retain their temperature the longest compared to other materials. 


Silicon is a less common material for dab tools, but it does have certain advantages. The most significant benefit of silicon is that it doesn't conduct heat as well as other materials. This implies you won't need to worry about getting burned when using a silicone dab tool. For customers who are beginners or are prone to getting burns, this can be a perfect choice. They're also flexible, which makes them handy for picking up small pieces of concentrate.

Based on Style

There are numerous styles of dab tools available on the market. Here are some of the most popular types.



The paddle has the most flexibility when it comes to handling concentrates. It's usually flat and rectangular with a substantial amount of surface area. Because you can pour your extract into the point, it's also one of the simplest. The only potential disadvantage of the paddle is that it can be challenging to scoop out all of your concentrate at once.


The spoon is one of the earliest dab tools and remains one of the most popular. It's very similar to a regular teaspoon, just much larger. The bowl shape of a spoon allows you to load quite a bit of concentrate at once without worrying about spillage. The long handle also provides excellent control over where you place your concentrate.

3.Pick tool

The pick is a relatively newer addition to the world of dabbing tools. It usually features a pointed end used to scoop out the concentrate and a flat end used for packing. The pick is excellent for those who want more control over where they place their concentrate. 


There are a lot of dab tools on the market with a shovel tip. As their name implies, these tools have serrated edges on their tips that make them resemble real shovels. 

These dab tools are most appropriate for larger dabs. They make it possible to quickly and easily scoop up more significant amounts of concentrate.


The arrow is one of the more unique dabbing tools available. It has a long, thin shaft with a small, scoop-like tip on the end. The arrow's design allows you to be highly accurate in where you direct your attention. It's also ideal for people who want to concentrate in tiny areas.

How does a dab tool work for different dabs?

Let's explore different kinds of concentrate and how dab tools work with them. 


Waxes are one of the most popular types of concentrates, and they can be dabbed using any dabbing tool. However, spoons and paddles are the most common when it comes to dabbing wax. The large surface area of these tools makes them ideal for scooping up wax.


Shatter is another type of concentrate that can be dabbed using any dabbing tool. However, picks and arrows are the best choices for shatter. The pointed tips of these tools make it easy to get shatter out of its container and onto your nail.

Oil is the liquid form of concentrate and can be trickier to work with than other types. Spoons, paddles, and shovels are all excellent choices for scooping oil. However, consider using a pick or arrow if you want more precision.

Crumble is a type of concentrate that's similar to wax but has a crumbly texture. It can be dabbed using any dabbing tool, but spoons and paddles are the best for crumble.

5.Live Resin
Live resin is a concentrate type made with fresh, undried cannabis. It has a unique flavor and can be pretty sticky. For this reason, picks and arrows are the best choices for dabbing live resin. The pointed tips make it easy to get the concentrate out of its container and onto your nail.

How to use a dab tool?

Now that you know the many dabbing tools and how they work with various concentrates, let us understand how to use them. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on using the dab tool:

Step One: Choose the right dabbing tool for the type of concentrate you're using.
Step Two: If the concentrate is in liquid form, use a spoon or paddle to scoop it up. If the concentrate is in solid form, use a pick or arrow to scoop it up.
Step Three: Place the dabbing tool on your nail.
Step Four: Use the tool to apply pressure to the concentrate and release it onto your nail.
Step Five:  Use a torch to heat your nail.
Step Six: Place the mouthpiece of your dab rig over the nail and inhale.

How to clean a dab tool?

Cleaning your dab tool is vital to prevent the build-up of residue. You can clean your dab tool by following these steps:
1. Use a cotton swab, or Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the tool's tip.
2. Scrape any residue off the tool's sides with a toothpick or sharp object.
3. Rinse the tool with warm water and dry it with a paper towel.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the tool is clean.
5. Store the clean dabbing tool safely until you're ready to use it again.

Why should I stock up on dab tools in my head shop?

Dab tools are essential for any smoke shop or dispensary selling concentrates. They provide a convenient way for customers to scoop up the concentrate and apply it to their nails. Various dabbing tools allow customers to choose the right tool for their needs. Plus, customers might want extras if one gets lost or broken. 

Your customers will appreciate dab tools for the following reasons:

  • Versatility
    Dab tools can be used with various concentrates, making them a versatile addition to any smoker's collection.
  • Precision
    The pointed tips on some dabbing tools make it easy to place concentrate exactly where one wants.
  • Convenience
    Dab tools save customers the hassle of using their fingers to apply concentrate. This makes the process less messy and more efficient.
  • Portability
    Dabbing tools are small and can be easily transported. They are, therefore, an excellent option for those who dab on the go.

Where can you buy dab tools at wholesale prices? 

Wholesale dab tools are essential in a smoke shop because they are critical for smoking concentrates. Dab tools come in various styles and designs, and it's essential to have a wide selection for your customers so they have enough to choose from. 

At MJ Wholesale, we have a wide selection of dab tools, from simple designs to more intricate ones. We are proud to feature dab tools and kits from some of the most popular brands like Skilletools, Ugly House, and OOZE in different sizes and styles. You can also purchase character-based, glow-in-the-dark, and other types of dab tools from MJ Wholesale. We also have a variety of colors so that you can find the perfect match for your shop's aesthetic. We have a great selection, and our prices are unbeatable! 

Dab tool – The Final Verdict

Dab tools are an essential piece of equipment for any smoker who uses concentrate. When our dab tools are in your inventory, you will have customers returning for more. We believe in supplying high-quality equipment to help grow your cannabis dispensary and smoke shop. Our goal is to boost your brand by offering the best customer service possible. MJ Wholesale is the best choice for all smoking equipment and accessories you need for your cannabis store.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Can dab tools be used for dry herbs?
No. Dab tools are specifically designed for use with concentrates. Dry herbs should be vaped using a different tool, such as a pipe or bong.
2.Do all dabbers need to have a dab tool?
Some people prefer to use their fingers to concentrate on their nails. However, dab tools can make the process less messy and more efficient.
3.How often should I clean my dab tool?
It's essential to clean your dab tool after each use. This will prevent the build-up of residue and keep it in good condition.
4.Do you need a different dab tool for each type of concentrate?
No, you can use the same dab tool for all types of concentrates. However, some people prefer to have separate tools for each type, so they don't mix them up.
5.What is the best way to store my dab tool?
The best way to store your dab tool is in a safe, clean place where it won't get lost or damaged. Some people like to keep their tools in a small box or pouch. Others hang them on a keychain or lanyard.


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