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19 Dram Pop Top Vials


We’re proud to offer wholesale pricing on 19 Dram Pop Top Vials for Dispensaries. This certified CPSC child-resistant 19 Dram Pop Top container is an easy, convenient, and secure way to package your product. 19 Dram Pop Top bottles are perfect for 1/8 ounce of dry product weight. We offer a wide spectrum of colors to spice up the way you package your product. If you’re looking for a different size dram pop top vial, please refer to our blog post: Which Dram Do I Need? Utilize our navigation menu below to filter exactly the size Dram you’re looking for.

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
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Pop top vials are considered one of the most effective and affordable cannabis packaging solutions. They are available in sizes like 13 Dram, 19 Dram, 16 Dram, 60 Dram, and 90 Dram. Both - medical and recreational use consumers prefer the feasibility and easy access to fresh herbs that these containers provide, and that too with just a simple pop of the top! 

The most cost-effective and trouble-free approach to packaging flower is with a pop-top bottle. No wonder pop-top containers are revolutionizing the cannabis business one dispensary at a time. In this article, we'll go through everything there is to know about 19 Dram Pop Top Vials. The following are the topics we'll address:

  • What is a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial?
  • The types of 19 Dram Pop Top Vials
  • How does a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial work?
  • How to use a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial?
  • How to clean a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial?
  • Why should you stock up 19 Dram Pop Top Vials for your shop?
  • Where can you buy 19 Dram Pop Top Vials at wholesale prices?
  • 19 Dram Pop Top Vials – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about 19 Dram Pop Top Vials

What is a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial?

The 19 Dram Pop Top Vial is a container typically used to store and transport cannabis flower. Pop top vials are generally made of sturdy plastic and have a tight-fitting lid that pops open when squeezed on both sides. 

MJ Wholesale's collection of 19-dram pop-top bottles is available in various opaque colors. They fulfill CPSC child-resistant requirements and meet the ATSM standards. Their simple squeeze-and-pop tops can keep all of your cannabis items secure, fresh and moisture-free.

Types of 19 Dram Pop Top Vials

There are many pop-top vials on the market, but the two most popular types are opaque and translucent.

Based on Transparency

  • Opaque Pop Top Vials: These vials are completely opaque, which means that light cannot penetrate them. Opaque pop-top vials are ideal for storing cannabis because they can keep the buds fresh for longer. Opaque pop-top vials are also great for hiding the vial's contents from nosy people or curious children, offering your customers discreetness. 
  • Translucent Pop Top Vials: Translucent vials are semi-transparent, which means that some light can penetrate them. They might not be the best choice for storing cannabis because even slight exposure to light causes the buds to degrade over time. However, translucent vials are great for displaying the vial's contents so that people can see what is inside. They are not as discreet as one would want them to be. 

How does a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial work?

Marijuana is susceptible to degradation and loss of potency when exposed to outside elements like air, moisture, and dirt. Your marijuana's freshness and potency can be lost if it dries out. And is that any good? No! 

Fortunately, pop-top containers keep goods fresh, even while transporting them. The 19-dram or 1/8 oz pop top bottle provides ample space to store nearly 3.5 grams of flower. The airtight seal on the bottle provides a moisture-free environment that helps keep your cannabis fresh and potent. 

The pop-top closure makes it easy to open and close the bottle. Pop-top containers are essential to maintaining the integrity of your product and preserving its potent charm. Doing so creates smoother smoke that is gentle on the throat.

How to use a 19 Dram Pop Top, Vial

Using a 19-dram pop-top vial is not different from using other pop-top vials. They must be packaged and closed well. It is also important to label them. 

This section will discuss how to package and label pop-top vials. 

Packaging using 19 Dram Pop Top Containers

When storing cannabis, remember that light, air, and moisture are all enemies of its freshness. Utilizing a 19-dram pop-top vial will help protect your marijuana from such elements. 

Our 19 Dram Pop Top Vials will make packaging and labeling a breeze, and they're perfect for small batches and samples. One can open these vials by squeezing both sides near the top, creating their signature 'pop' sound. 

Using it is very simple. Remove the lid and fill the vial with the desired amount of flower. Once the vial is full, close the lid well, and you're done! Using the 19 Dram Pop Top Vials to package and store cannabis in your dispensaries is a great way to save time and money. These vials can be filled with pre-weighed amounts of cannabis, which makes for quick and easy transactions.

Labeling 19 Dram Pop Top Containers

19 Dram Pop Top Vials are perfect for small batches of home-grown cannabis. You can Color-code the vials to track different strains or growing cycles easily. Labeling them is an excellent way to stay organized. Before you sell, ensure that your labels contain all details as required by the State, like the dosage, strain, health warnings, etc. 

How to clean a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial?

Cleaning a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial is very simple. Just pop open the lid and rinse the vial with lukewarm water. Allow the vial to air dry or towel dry before storing the contents. It is important to keep your vials clean to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

If you are using your vials for storage after a long time, disinfecting them before use is a good idea. This can be done by soaking the vials in a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for 30 minutes. Rinse the vials with clean water and allow them to air dry before use.

Why should I stock up on 19 Dram Pop Top Vials in my head shop?

Marijuana dispensaries are utilizing 19-dram pop-top bottles more extensively since marijuana legalization has increased, and so has its demand. Because they're both easy to seal and child-resistant, 19-dram bottles are the easiest marijuana packaging option. The 19-dram size is versatile, and a cost-efficient solution for business since cannabis is typically purchased in portions of 3.5 grams (an eighth).

The 19-dram size bottles we stock at MJ Wholesale will ensure that your business's packaging meets the American Society for Testing and Materials standards and the CPSC child-resistant certification requirements. The 19-dram pop-top vials can be purchased in opaque, clear colors to fit different laws in each State.

Here are a few reasons why your shop should stock up on 19 Dram Pop Top Vials:

  • Tamper Evident

The purpose of a tamper-evident pop-top vial is to provide a visual indication that the product has been tampered with. If the seal is broken, the pop top will not close properly. This feature is important for protecting your product from tampering and theft. Tamper-evident pop-top vials are essential for any dispensary's security system. They indicate that the product has been compromised, which can help detect tampering, and thieving and help you protect your product.

  • Child-Resistant

Pop tops are not only certified child-resistant, but they're easy for seniors to open and re-secure, ensuring that your product is safe and accessible for all allowed. You can use these bottles to make your product last longer. These unbreakable bottles are sealed, airtight, and have their lids attached. They're simple to operate and follow state rules for CR packaging.

  • Versatile

19 Dram Pop Top Vials are perfect for various uses and can easily be utilized for packaging, labeling, and storage. Dispensaries can use these vials for packaging pre-weighed amounts of cannabis, making for quick and easy transactions. Labels can be placed on the vials to identify different strains or grow cycles.

  • Cost-Effective

19 Dram Pop Top Vials are an affordable, cost-effective solution for your packaging needs. They're not too small yet not too big and are perfect for packaging, labeling, and storing small amounts of product.

  • Convenient

19 Dram Pop Top Vials are convenient for both customers and businesses. They are ideal for the on-the-go use of your customers. They will thank you for it! 

  • Easy to customize

19 Dram Pop Top Vials can also be customized to fit your brand. These pop-top vials make branding and marketing easy. You can select a distinct color, style, and type to make your business stand out. 

Where can you buy 19 Dram Pop Top Vials at wholesale prices?

Classic squeeze pop tops are anything but outdated--in fact, their timelessness keeps prices low compared to some of today's more modern and technologically advanced options. Buying these pop-top vials in bulk for your smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary is a win-win! 

MJ Wholesale is your one-stop shop to buy 19-dram pop-top wholesale containers and all types of child-resistant marijuana packaging. We have everything you need when it comes to wholesale marijuana packaging, including 19-dram pop-top bottles in various colors. You can buy our 19-dram pop-top vials in bulk to get the best deal on compliance packaging. All our pop top vials and bundles are super-durable, made in the USA, and manufactured by Philips. They're recyclable too!

We also have custom stickers that you can use to label the pop-top vials. With MJ Wholesale, you can avail of unbeatable prices on high-quality storage containers for your product. 

19 Dram Pop Top Vials – The Final Verdict

The 19 Dram Pop Top Vials are undoubtedly one of the most popular packaging options in the cannabis industry. Designed to meet even the strictest compliance packaging requirements, this product is simple, reliable, and affordable. Furthermore, they are tamper-evident and fully opaque, which makes them perfect for compliance-related usage.

Whether you use them for packaging, transporting, or simply storing small amounts of product, these vials will get the job done. Not only are our 19-dram pop-top vials easy to open and close, but they're perfect for on-the-go usage. You can purchase them bulk from us to get the best deal on wholesale marijuana packaging

Frequently Asked Questions about 19 Dram Pop Top Vials

  • How much product can fit in a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial?

19 Dram Pop Top Vials typically hold close to 3.5 grams of flower.

  • How Do You Open a 19-Dram Pop Top Vial?

To open a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial, squeeze the sides of the vial and pop the top off.

  • Are 19 Dram Pop Top Vials Child-Resistant?

MJ Wholesale has 19 Dram Pop Top Vials that are child-resistant and compliant with ASTM standards.

  • What is the difference between a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial and a 13 Dram Pop Top Vial?

The main difference between a 19 Dram Pop Top Vial and a 13 Dram Pop Top Vial is the size. 19 Dram vials are slightly larger and can hold more product.

  • Are 19 Dram Pop Top Vials available in different colors?

You can choose from a variety of colors and styles at MJ Wholesale. We have 19 Dram pop top vials in various colors like black, white, green, silver, and gold. 


We offer medical grade containers and vials at great prices for all your dispensary needs. 

If you don't know what size Dram you need please check out our blog post, Which Dram Do I Need?

Our certified CPSC child resistant 19 Dram Pop Top containers are a lightweight, compliant, and secure way to package cannabis products. 

The child resistant design and squeeze top features offer a way to package both medical and recreational product. To open, firmly squeeze both sides near the top which produces a signature strong “pop” sound.

19 Dram pop top bottles are perfect 3.5 grams or an eighth of dry flower. 

You’ll find a healthy selection of product colors to help your product contain a visual pop. 

With an airtight seal and moisture resistant design 19 Drams are the perfect bottle for storing and keeping cannabis fresh. 

We also carry screw top vial and push & turn style containers if our pop top containers are not what you're looking for.

If our pop top, push and turn, and screw top vials were not what you need, please look through our selections of bags for a packaging solution that fits your needs. 

If you are wondering why you need great packaging, please check out this blog post.

We stock everything you would need for your medical marijuana or recreational marijuana operation.  

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