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Reviews Dispensary Packaging Wholesale

Browse through our extensive Product Reviews for MJ Wholesale. This is the absolute best way for you to understand exactly the type of high quality products you are buying. Let our customers tell you about our variety, quality and customer service that is second to none across the industry. Get a glimpse at how our Mylar Bags have impressed and improved a business on every level. Scroll through countless reviews that highlight just how our pop-tops, jars and superior packaging have transformed the industry packaging standard.
Based on 1818 reviews
Great Buy

Very happy with my purchase…goes great with rolling tray set. Can’t beat the price. I thought it was going to be small but it’s not. Totally worth it!

Great Doob Tubes

Great graphic design service, quick and attentive.

Best in the game!

Best brand in the game. I love the ease of opening them while they provide the security of enclosing your products. The color is fire and eye catching! I will always purchase these.

My review on the double frit full color perfect chillum

These things are pretty. From the quality we expect from MJ wholesale This piece is easily able to travel with. I highly recommend this chillum from MJ wholesale.

Great product at a great price

My review of the Double frit full color perfect chillum

Very solid piece. Had vibrant colors and a really deep bowl. I definitely recommend this piece.

perfect cleaner for my glass pieces

This stuff worked great. It got my gunky glass piece sparkling clean.

Super Company

Outstanding service and easy to work with.
Always there when you need them.
And there product is always available
Thank you
Dale young

Lookah A dish

My takeaways after using the A dish lookah! This one makes the wax taste so good. Your only issue will be when you add too much and it starts to seep through the bottom. Remember to use very small amounts of wax as this will burn very nicely. Don't let the wax sit for too long or it will start to mess up the dish, but at this price, don't be worried!

Randy Inspos

I've now bought two! I bought a blue and white one in January and it was so solid and dependable, lasting over a week before needing a recharge. It counts your blinkers as well as the battery percentage and perfectly fools everyone around you into believing you're smoking nicotine. It's great for on-campus use if you're a college student. My second one was deep purple and it's dope as well.

Great childproof bags

Bags are the right thickness. Closes nicely helping to protect freshness. And I doubt a child could get into one of these bags. It can be a challenge for adults till one figures out the trick.

It sold faster then I thought

It was a great piece to have in my store.


We needed lighters quickly for our business. MJ got them delivered fast and they don’t cost at lot. Our customers love the color selection and price!

My review of the twisted color art

This piece was built to last. Very adorable. Perfect size for a solo session or one amongst a few good friends. It also fits nicely in your hand and it’s not as bulky as some other bubbles. I highly recommend this every time I’m asked for my Advice On the matter

great product

our customers loved these, ill be buying more

Lookah Replacement Coils

These tips heat up evenly and work nicely for dabbing. Pricing is fair for 5 tips in a box.

Elements King Size Cones 109mm - (800 Count Per Bulk Box)

OOZE Booster Extract Vaporizer - Various Colors - (1 Count)


Amazing like all there products

120mm Matte Black Opaque Glass Blunt Tube w/ Wood Cork - (100 - 45,000 Count)

Infiniti is-100 digital pocket scale

Was one item that sold almost immediately in my shop definitely gonna buy more

Naturals are my favorite

Good price if they can keep any naturals

My review of the Lookah 710 Connect quartz coils

This is my first time using a quartz coil in this form and I just say I am pleasantly pleased. I feel like it really minimizes the waste if concentrates. I absolutely recommend this product.

RAW Rolling Tray Bamboo Backflip Wood

The bamboo rolling tray is very nice; it allows you to store weed and closes magnetically like a book. It includes many useful tools as well as a compartment for a wax jar and other accessories. Look no further than the under raw closing tray.