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1 Gram Mylar Bag


Our wholesale pricing for 1 Gram Mylar bags is perfect for keeping 1 gram of dry product weight fresh. These 1 gram Mylar bags will help extend the life of your product while being durable for transportation and storage. We offer child resistant options and multiple colors including, black, white, kraft, and silver. Both vista and opaque packaging options are available. Vista packaging contains one opaque side and one see-through side. Some states require the product to be hidden during a transaction, so check up on your state’s laws to find a packaging solution that’s best for you. These bags fit 1 gram of flower. 

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Welcome to our selection of 1 gram Mylar bags. These bags fit 1 grams of dry flower product. Our Mylar bags come in White, Silver, Black, and Kraft colors. Opaque and Vista design options are available. Opaque Mylar Bags are required by some states to not allow the flower to be visible. Vista packaging has one side that is clear and see through allowing the product to be seen. If you’re wondering what size Mylar bag is right for you, please refer to our blog post on Mylar bag sizes.

If you’re looking for something separate from our 1 gram Mylar bags, check out our selection of Pop Top, Push & Turn, & Screw Top Vials.

Our one gram Mylar bags are perfect for keeping small amounts of flower fresh and easy to transport.

These are our 1 gram Mylar bag. It fits 1 grams of dry flower product. Mylar is a space-age material developed by NASA used for insulating spacecrafts when re-entering our atmosphere. It’s extremely light, flexible, and thin—yet durable and strong. 

Now, this scientific advancement is available to use for your packaging! 

  • Maintain humidity and oxygen levels
  • Prevent pests from entering the product
  • Prevent ultraviolet light from damaging the product.

Mylar bags can even be used for food storage. No other food storage bag solution comes close to competing with the properties provided by Mylar. 

1 gram Mylar bags are essential for keeping low quantities of product fresh. 

If you're unsure about which product would be good for you, please refer to our article on What size Mylar Bags Do I Need?

We offer a spectrum of colors ranging from: 

Check out our blog post about Mylar bags for more information about this great material. We also have a blog about what vista mylar bags are.

If our Mylar & Child Resistant Bags were not the right solution for you, please consider looking at our large selection of other packaging solutions. Whether it's a Mylar bag or a push top bottle, we have all your packaging needs at great prices.

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