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What size Mylar Bag do I need? What size Pop-Top Dram do I need?-MJ Wholesale

What size Mylar Bag do I need? What size Pop-Top Dram do I need?

What size Mylar Bag do I need? What size Pop-Top Dram do I need?

There are many options for packaging cannabis. Sometimes, there are so many options it is overwhelming. This page should help guide you as to what the best options are for your individual needs. We will start with the basics.

What Bag, Vial, or Tube Options Are There For Packaging?

Currently, we offer these options:
• Dram Pop Top Vials
• Made in the USA, Philips RX Drams
• Mylar Bags
• Grip n Pull Child Resistant Mylar Bags

Philips RX 30 Dram Pop Top Vial - 1/4 Oz - Child Resistant - Smoke - Translucent (150 Count)-Pop Top Vials

Drams currently come in the following sizes and types:

6 Dram

30 Dram

13 Dram

60 Dram

19 Dram

90 Dram

USA Made Drams



Mylar Bags currently come in the following sizes:

½ gram

½ oz

1 gram

1 oz

1/8 oz

¼ - ½ lb

¼ oz

1-2 lb


How Do I Know Which Size To Order?

This can be confusing so we will give you some guidance on this issue. On the chart included you will see what size mylar bag you need for what quantity of product.

·  Dry Weight of Product

1/2 Gram

1 Gram

1/8 Oz

1/4 Oz

1/2 Oz

1 Oz

1/2 Lb

1-2 LB


6 dram
13 Dram

19 Dram
30 Dram

60 Dram
30 Dram

60 Dram

90 Dram

Mylar Bags

1/2 Gram Mylar Bags

1 Gram Mylar Bags

1/8 Oz Mylar Bags

1/4 Oz Mylar Bags

1/2 Oz Mylar Bags

1 Oz Mylar Bags

1/4 - 1/2 Lb Bag

1-2 Lb Bags

We also stock all sizes of Pinch N Slide Exit Bags!

                                         Pop Top Dram Measurement Chart


What Else Do I Need To Keep In Mind?

If your dry product weight has different size options, you need to consider how dense of a product you have. The more dense your product is, the smaller the container it will fit in.

Likewise, the less dense your product is, the larger the container you will need for it. Another rule of thumb is that the cleaner the grower of the product, the less dense your product will be.

116 mm Blunt Tubes with Labels and Application

Package your pre-rolls, joints, and blunts securely with 116 mm Blunt Tubes that are Made in America and feature a robust Rhino Lock. Easy to use, affordable, and available in bulk quantity at MJ Wholesale, these 116 mm tubes are one of the most versatile pre-roll packaging on the market.

Want to go a step ahead? Let MJ Wholesale print custom labels for your 116 mm tubes. Your artwork, combined with our print quality, ensures a sophisticated and attractive label for your tubes. You can get your brand logo, name, tagline, image, contact details, or your choice of artwork printed on the custom labels.

We can not just print but also apply your custom labels to the tubes with our automated label applicator. Manual labor can be untidy, tedious, and time-consuming. Just provide the required number of closed joint tubes and your labels on a roll, and we apply them for you. Our label application service is not just cheaper and faster than manual labor but also hygienic, precise, and systematic.

Whether you need just the 116 mm tubes, custom labels, or just the label application service, we provide them all at affordable rates. You can also outsource the entire process to us – end to end! In this process, we will provide a bulk quantity of tubes, and custom labels for the tubes and also apply the custom labels to those tubes. And within no time, you will have them delivered to your doorstep!

Recommended Label Size and Die Lines for Cannabis Packaging

Whether you're ordering mylar bags, concentrate jars, joint tubes, or pop-top vials, don't forget to personalize them and enhance your brand visibility with custom labels.

Here are the recommended label sizes and their die lines for different types of cannabis packaging.

  • Pop Top Vials
  • 19 Dram – 4 x 2 inch rectangle labels (Die Line: 4 in x 2 in)
  • 30 Dram – 4 x 2 inch rectangle labels (Die Line: 4 in x 2 in)
  • 60 Dram – 3 x 3 inch or 4 x 2 inch rectangle labels (Die Line: 3 in x 3 in)
  • 90 Dram – 4 x 2 inch rectangle labels (Die Line: 4 in x 2 in)
  • Concentrate Jars
  • 5 ml – 1.125 inch circle labels for jar lids (Die Line: 125 in)
  • 7 ml – 1.375 inch circle labels for jar lids or bottoms (Die Line: 375 in)
  • 9 ml – 1.375 inch circle labels for jar lids or bottoms (Die Line: 375 in)
  • Qube Jars
  • 5 ml Qube Jars – 1 inch square labels for jar lids or bottoms (Die Line: 1 in x 1 in)
  • 9 ml Qube Jars – 1.25 inch square labels for jar lids or bottoms (Die Line: 25 in x 1.25 in)

If you need more guidance on die lines, you can refer to our comprehensive guide of die lines for different products and labels. It includes information on mylar bag die lines, blunt tube die lines, banner die lines, and die lines for rectangle, square, and circle labels of all sizes.

What Are The Benefits of Each Type of Packaging?

Mylar bags have a few benefits. They include:

Drams have some benefits as well. They include:

  • Drams come in Pop Top, Push & Turn, and Screw Top Vials.
  • Pop Top Vials can be opened by firmly squeezing both sides until you hear the signature "pop" sound. They are certified CPSC child-resistant as well.

Blunt Tubes have some benefits, too. They include:

  • Most versatile pre-roll packaging
  • The blunt tubes are easy to use, secure, efficient, and durable
  • These tubes are customizable with labels


Hopefully, by now, you have figured out what type of packaging you would like to use. We understand that there are many options and that it can be overwhelming. However, this article should help to break it down a bit for you. Thank you for trusting us with your health.

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