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$200 Order Minimum
$200 Order Minimum

1/2 Gram Mylar Bags


We’re happy to offer Mylar bags sized to fit one gram of flower. Our 1/2 gram mylar bags are durable for both transportation and storage. We offer high-quality ½ gram Mylar packaging at affordable prices. When browsing our 1/2 gram Mylar bags, you can choose between white or black vista packaging. Vista coloring features one opaque side, and one clear side. We offer a variety of bulk sizes from 100, to 500, to 1,000 counts of half gram bags. MJ wholesale is proud to serve dispensaries and processing facilities with proper supplies. 

These bags fit a ½ gram of product. 

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Looking for the best way to keep small amounts of products fresh? 

You’ve come to the right place! 

MJ Wholesale offers bulk ordering options for our 1/2 gram Mylar bags. The 1/2 gram bags we offer are both durable for transportation and provide long lasting freshness to maximize your product’s lifespan. We offer white and black vista color options for our 1/2 gram Mylar bags. If our 1/2 gram bags aren’t what you’re looking for, jump to our bag size menu for a link to a different product. If you’re wanting to learn more about sizes of Mylar bags, check out our blog post, what size mylar do I need?

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