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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Glass or Plastic Jars (5oz-10oz)


At MJ Wholesale, we pride ourselves on having all the storage containers and accessories a cannabis or even tobacco user might need. For both medical and recrational uses, we have the jar to fit every situation.

Dispensaries and smoke shops must meet the strict, state-mandate packaging regulations that are ever-changing, so it's our job to help. As a leading supplier in wholesale packaging, we have the child-resistant, state-compliant, reliable plastic or glass jars for every function.

We offer a diverse range, with the accessories to match. Be sure to look through our line of jars, or check out our other storage containers throughout our other categories.

Why use a glass jar for storage? 

Keeping bud in a jar instead of in a plastic bag keeps it fresher for an infinitely longer period of time. Resealable and airtight, a jar helps keep any humidity and other contaminants out of your flower. 

A big reason consumers like to keep a plastic or glass jar handy is because they're also usually odor proof. Having something smell-resistant in your arsenal can really help out in a pinch when needed. 

Finally, another big reason you'd want a glass or plastic jar -- and a reason people don't often think about: keep track of every loose particle and broken down bud. No more losing precious trichomes and other cannabis compounds at the bottom of a plastic baggie. Jars are superior because they let you save every last morsel. 

Pick up a glass jar today for your consumers to have more storage options!

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