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Expand your inventory by offering a range of stylish sunglasses to your customers. MJ Wholesale carries a diverse collection of LOCS Sunglasses at affordable rates.

Our collection comprises a wide stock of sunglasses for men, along with unisex designs. The LOCS sunglasses with the small leaf print and those with the rasta leaf pattern are unique and eye-catching. The small leaf print and the rasta leaf pattern on both sides of the glasses give them a marijuana or weed theme, and the stylish LOCS logo adds to their charm. 

We carry a variety of sunglasses in trendy colors like black and white and in different shapes like rectangles and ovals. Besides the rasta leaf and small leaf patterned sunglasses, we also carry sunglasses with other stylish designs like flames, bandana patterns, and skull prints. We also carry a variety of classic designs that never go out of style! 


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