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Post-Harvest Equipment

MJ Wholesale is here to provide all of the necessary tools and equipment to experience success with the post-harvest stage of your growing operation. Since growing cannabis requires time and care, it’s essential to apply similar attention to detail toward the post-harvest stage to achieve optimal results with your plants. The cannabis industry is continually evolving to provide new tools that mitigate post-harvest work. Pre-rolls are a massive hit within the dispensary economy, so consider selecting machines such as the Futurola Cone Filler to quickly prep popular products for customers. If you’re looking to pack pre-rolls, new technology such as the Futurola Marijuana Mini Shredder can finely grind close to a pound of cannabis flower in seconds. At MJ Wholesale, we understand the work that goes into growing cannabis. Help us take you and your plants to the finish line by browsing our post-harvest equipment inventory. 

The post-harvest phase of growing cannabis is essential when it comes to creating high-quality products. After cannabis has been harvested, the plants need to be prepared in specific ways before they’re ready for dispensary sale. Since there are numerous types of cannabis products, MJ Wholesale offers a thorough inventory of post-harvest equipment to properly prepare grown flower to meet the needs of dispensary customers. All of the post-harvest products that MJ Wholesale provides aim to increase levels of working efficiency. While packing pre-rolls may seem like a time-consuming task, MJ Wholesale offers cone filling products from market-leading companies such as Futurola that save time and increase profit. MJ Wholesale’s inventory is designed to provide you with long term benefits. If you were to purchase a Futurola Knoxbox to pack pre-roll cones quickly, you could pair your purchase with replacement controllers to count on the efficiency that the modern technology we offer provides. Our philosophy at MJ Wholesale is to supply new, forward-thinking products that help workers within the cannabis industry make an impact. From shredders to full-on processing machines, we have you covered with essential post-harvest equipment.


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