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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Glass or Plastic Jars (1oz-4oz)


Whether you’re looking to safely store your flower or display the buds in a visually stunning manner, our glass and plastic jar selection is perfect for you. Each jar on this page is between one to four ounces and is perfect for display setups and to sell individually to clients looking to show off their products at home. The jars are perfect for carrying marijuana as well as processed joints and even other products such as edibles and moon rocks. The freshness is sealed within these secure products and each jar is airtight | durable | unique and perfect for dispensaries and head shops combined. Check out our Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar with Magnifying Glass and LED Light Display to see one of the many incredibly unique and stunning glass jars we offer in this size range. Here are the rest of the glass jars from multiple vendors currently available: