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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Canlock Airtight Vacuum Glass Stash Jar


Welcome to the future of canna storage and preservation. The Canlock Vacuum Sealed Stash Jars are designed to keep flower fresh. Made with durable glass that’s engineered for re-use, these jars are perfect for displaying and storing your stash.

Available in two sizes:
  • The Stash (holds up to 7 grams of flower, or 15 pre-rolls)
  • The Stash+ (holds up to 11 grams of flower, or 15 pre-rolls). 

Preservation is key for flower storage. Dried out buds mean loss of terpenes, which means loss of flavor and aroma. Nobody wants that. What’s worse is improper storage can lead to harvest ruining mold development. The Canlock Stash Storage jars are not only discreetly smell-proof, but they also prevent the degradation of trichomes and terpenes while also protecting against mold growth. Talk about bang for your buck!  

The Canlock stash storage and preservation system utilizes a built-in re-usable vacuum sealer to keep your flower fresh. Extend your products’ shelf life by up to 50% with these FDA approved double borosilicate glass jars. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to storing your herb. Available in two sizes and ten unique patterns to help your brand stand out from the crowd!

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