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Cones are very popular today and are used with legal smoking herbs.  The cones we provide are quick and easy to fill.  We even have some organic and vegan approved papers! A few different cone brands are available with prominent companies such as: Zig Zag | Elements | Raw 

No matter what brand of cone you choose, we only offer the highest quality products to suit your needs! Cones are a simple and easy way to use products. The design makes it a breeze to fill for smoking. These products are perfect for: Head shops | Gas stations | Dispensaries

Blunt Wraps | Papers | All Cones | Bulk Cones

Whether you’re an experienced user or novice, our cones are sure to please with their portability and ease of use. 

These cones are great for parties and get-togethers and possess a novelty factor to people who have not seen them filled. 

If you're looking for wholesale prices on cones, we also have bulk cones available. We're proud to be able to give you a great selection at an affordable price. These cones are perfect for anyone looking to speed up the filling/rolling process. The cone is ready to go and rolled perfectly every time. These pre-rolled cones work great for dispensaries, everyday users, processors and growers. Enjoy hassle free rolling. Pre-rolled cones are essentially roll-your-own papers that have been previously rolled to shape or blunt.  The pre-rolled paper cones have a spacer with a straw inside to keep the shape of the cone. The cone can be filled with anything. Simply twist the end to light up and smoke. Consistency is a big part of what makes pre-rolled cones special. Take the guesswork and tedious hand rolling out of the equation by filling and enjoying!

Before you shop: Don't forget the Futurola Knockbox 3 with Extra Unload Station Free Shipping!