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Universal State Compliant Labels


We make it easy to make sure your product's packaging is compliant with state laws with our labels. These labels are universal, so they may or may not be compliant with your specific state. Consult your packaging label laws to make sure these solutions are right for you. If our universal labels apply to your state laws, you’ll find four different types of labels available in a selection of sizes to suit your product. We’ve got you covered. 

Make sure your product 's labeling is state compliant with our labeling solutions. We pride ourselves on having labels compliant with every state's cannabis packaging laws. We even have universal solutions. Choosing to assign labels to products is a great way to elevate the professionalism of your business. Our state specific solutions are compliant with all current laws and regulations. If your state has recently passed legalization, it is likely that one of our current solutions can work for you. Not all states have laws supporting the use of universal labels. Please be sure to check your state’s laws on universal labels to see if our selections are right for you.

As always, please consult your state's specific laws to make sure that the label you are purchasing possesses all the qualities required. All of our labels are high quality and available in bulk quantities.