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Free Shipping On $1,500 or more
Free Shipping On $1,500 or more


Scales & Calibration Weights


We stock NTEP and OLCC approved scales that'll make working with your state quick and painless. We have well known brands such as AWS, DigiWeigh, Infyniti, HIPPO, MyWeigh and iBalance Digital Scales! Need to calibrate your scale? We also carry calibration weights to make sure your scales are spot on. Our digital scales come in a variety of sizes to aid your dispensary or processing facility. Style selection is an essential component of what we offer as a wholesale supplier. Check out scale designs featuring music, and more. Help your processing facility or dispensary thrive with convenient and reliable scale technology. 

Digital Scales | Calibration Weights

The importance of a good scale that's well calibrated for a processing operation cannot be understated. Accurate weighing of product is the best way to make sure you're maximizing profits. Make sure your product is always weighed with precision using our scale and calibration products. Calibration weights offer a way to extend the life of your scale through maintaining the scale’s accuracy. We offer reliable solutions at great prices. Our diverse selection of scale sizes and styles will help you weigh small to large levels of flower. We’re proud to offer you a healthy selection of scale styles and designs while keeping quality consistent.