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People Also Ask - (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

We are a dispensary wholesaler, offering a full line of products specific for dispensaries needs. Here are some questions that people ask frequently about our dispensary supply products. 

Marijuana Industry FAQ

CBD / Hemp Oil Industry FAQ

MJ Wholesale, formerly HGR Packaging FAQ


  • Who do we sell your products to?
    Our customers vary from industry to industry. We offer our packaging to large companies for their own medical marijuana packaging needs, or to Dispensaries, Resellers, Collective Shops or Smoke Shops throughout the country. If you are interested in either a bulk order or can't find what you're looking for on feel free to call us! Chances are we can provide you with the product you need, even if its not on the site!  


  • What's the best price for buying Collective Packaging wholesale?
    We offer wholesale discounts on all of our products. Discounts are visible on the site. We require a $200 minimum order amount. Customers who purchase frequently, may also be eligible for additional discount tiers. To learn more, contact your MJ Wholesale today! 


  • Can I order over the phone?
    Yes! Please call an MJ Wholesale experienced representative at 1-844-398-4463 or Contact us here


  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    Yes, bulk discounts are based on frequency and volume of your order. If you are placing a larger order than you typically do, call an MJ Wholesale experienced representative at 1-844-398-4463 or Contact us here


  • Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)?
    Depends. You must have an established local account to be considered for a purchase order. You can call an MJ Wholesale experienced representative at 1-844-398-4463 regarding terms of the Purchase Order (PO)


  • Do you have lead time on all products?
    No! We stock all of our items in our huge Warren Michigan warehouse! In the case that we are sold out of something you need, chances are we can get it fairly quickly. Call an MJ Wholesale experienced representative at 1-844-398-4463 to inquire about out of stock or items not on the website or Contact us here!  


  • Do you have a retail space where I can browse? 
    Yes, we have some inventory on display in our Warren Michigan showroom. Due to COVID-19, please call 1-844-398-4463. We are located at 4100 East 11 Mile Rd. Warren, MI 48091


  • Do you ship internationally?
    No not at this time. 


  • Are your items in retail packaging? 
    Some are! Some are in master cartons, ready for you to put on display or repackage. It depends on the product. Any product we sell on our site will clearly indicate if it comes in retail packaging or in master cartons. 


  • Do you sell single pieces or units? 
    It depends, some of our products come in master packs, and some are single units. The website will clearly indicate the count you are ordering. 


  • Can you help me with custom marijuana packaging? 
    Yes we can! Please contact an MJ Wholesale experienced representative at 1-844-398-4463 or Contact us here!  


  • Can you special order items that's not on your website?
    Yes,  Contact us here


  • How fast can you ship my order?
    All orders placed before 2PM EST should ship out the same day. Orders placed after 2PM EST will go out the next business day. 


  • Do you offer samples?
    Since we are a wholesaler of cannabis packaging, we can not offer samples. All of our products are purchased and shipped in bulk forms, so if we had to remove a single unit from a master case, the master case would not be a full case. We do offer a fair return policy, and a low minimum order. Order what you are interested in, then feel free to return it if its not what you were looking for! 

  • How does your product ship?
    Depending on rates, we ship UPS and USPS. We use real time monitoring to insure you get the best shipping rate possible! 


  • Can you ship using my shipping account number?
    For larger orders, yes we can Contact us here about shipping under your UPS or preferred account.

  • How can I learn more about Marijuana Packaging?
    We have worked with our customers to put together a Dispensary Supply Wholesale Packaging News page. You can learn much more about dispensary supply and wholesale prices.