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Joint Tubes or Blunt Tubes - People Also Ask (PAA)

What is a joint tube?

  • A joint tube is a plastic or glass tube designed to keep a marijuana joint or marijuana pre-roll fresh, crush-proof, and convenient to sell and transport. 

What is a blunt tube?

  • A blunt tube, a bit larger than a joint tube, is a plastic or glass tube designed to keep a marijuana blunt or marijuana blunt pre-roll fresh, crush-proof, and convenient to sell and transport.

What is the difference between a joint tube and a blunt tube?

  • The biggest difference between a joint tube and a blunt tube is merely the size of each. Generally, joint tubes will be under four inches, while blunt tubes will be longer than four or four and a half inches.

Are joint or blunt tubes recyclable?

  • Some pre-roll tubes are recyclable, but it obviously will depend on the material the tube is made out of. If it's made of Polypropylene plastic, it can be recycled at recycling facilities that accept that material. If it's made of glass, typically only whole, unbroken tubes and bottles are acceptable. If it's broken, it may not be recyclable, but you could still check with a glass recycling facility.

Are joint or blunt tubes reusable?

  • Absolutely. Blunt and joint tubes are designed for the convenience of letting you use them repeatedly. Airtight, child-resistant, and made to keep product fresh, joint and blunt tubes are fully reusable.

Are joint or blunt tubes smell proof?

  • If they're child-resistant, a joint or blunt tube will also likely be smell-proof or odor-resistant. While there are some exceptions, most will have specified in their description that they're odor-resistant or smell-proof.

Are joint or blunt tubes toxic?

  • It's thought that some blunt wrappers may be toxic, depending on the wrapper, but joint or blunt tubes themselves are in no way toxic. Simply the material used as a storage device for a pre-roll, they're made out of safe, non-toxic and durable material that can be reused.

Are joint or blunt tubes waterproof?

  • If they're child-resistant, a blunt or joint tube will likely be waterproof. Made to be airtight, that has an added perk of keeping out water, too.

How big of a joint can I fit in a joint tube?

  • Look at the dimensions of the joint tube you're considering for purchase. The millimeter unit of measurement will be the diameter, or width, of the tube. The inches unit will be its height, or how long it is. Most of our joint tubes can vary between 84mm and 116mm, though this size range includes our blunt tubes, too.

How big of a blunt can I fit in a blunt tube?

  • Just like with joint tubes, you'll want to look at the dimensions of the blunt tube you're considering for purchase. The glass blunt tube we offer, for example, measures three-quarters of an inch wide, and five inches in length. Others, especially those that are blunt and cone tubes, may be four and a half inches in length.

How do you measure a joint or blunt tube?

  • Using a tape measure, measure the full length and width of the pre-roll tube. This will give you an idea of how long and how fat of a joint or blunt you can fit into the tube. 

What sizes are joint and blunt tubes available in?

  • The sizes of joint and blunt tubes vary from 84mm to 116mm for our line. The width of each tube may vary as well, so be sure to double-check the full dimensions before you make your purchase.


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